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  1. Thanks guys, i am really grateful that you have spent your time reading what i wrote.I was really in need of that help because i was kinda stuck between time and fear.Ill consider your advises and ill try to do my best.
  2. Foxyygen Invite me xoxo <3
  3. Thanks!! Ill talk to her at Tuesday, hope i'll not sound so stupid.
  4. I guess i have to.I cant find another way around if i wont be someone special in her life.
  5. Hey guys its me, the guy who screws up this forum with topics that are completely separated from gaming.I am sorry to make such thread but i need help.I have a situation here with a girl that's older than i do by 5 years, and the thing is that i feel in love with her.We both are from the same technology center where we learn programming,graphic design and bunch of other stuff related to creativity.I never felt this way before, i mean i have met alot of girls out there but she's not one of them.She's the person that i had real crush.Once i have drawed her on a piece of paper without having any photo of her, it was decent but was hard to get her picture out of my mind.The next day i went there and gave her the drawing,she was smiling at me and we had an eye contact for a long time over there. Now the bad side of this, i am going to serve the army at december.People in there gonna make a soldier from me for 2 years.And as you may know i am already losing my time.I may never see her again and it hurts soo much in my heart.Its like one of my sweetest memories fading away from my mind.And i dont know what to do about it.She may even get married after two years.I am not her boyfriend or anything but we're little bit close and i am hoping that we'll be together eventually.I swear i never felt this way before, she changed all my directions and i started to focus only on her, because after being depressed and all alone in my life i really felt that i should make my steps now.But now it hurts inside my heart soo much and i so worried about it.I gonna approach to her at Tuesday i will try to get to know more.But i dont know what to do about these 2 years that i am gonna be in army.Can anyone help me with this. P.S - Sorry for making such a topic.And yes i know my English sucks.
  6. Darude - Sandstorm
  7. Hi dude.Dont worry this drink is on me, ill pay.
  8. Hi dude.Welcome to da club
  9. O hello dere sexy
  10. Hey what's wrong with the title?? Dota 2 is my girlfriend, we have that hate-love relationship.Dota 2 is like my online desperation simulator.
  11. Lol is that for real?? I didnt saw that.
  12. Hello Jumarca.Good to have you here.
  13. Well hello there Dr.Strange.Welcome to the army.We need medics like you do.
  14. Good day Mr.Nights, welcome to the angry army.