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  1. You're referring to the generals in the final area? They're a bloody pain to get through given the amount of damage they could soak up. The Skeletons with two shields were also monstrously hard to beat if they had other enemies helping them (or if there were two of them). And the final boss? *shiver*, though the boss before him was an absolute pushover. But the only things about the combat that I ever found irritating were those three enemies that I listed above. Otherwise the combat mechanics themselves were (in my opinion at least) really solid with a combination of two weapon styles and fire magic which were all equally useful in combat and complemented each other, along with what I have to say is the best crafting system* I've seen in recent memory. Also, the game places a great deal of importance in strategically using crossbow bolts, traps and bombs along with normal attacks to take enemies down by having these complementary attacks actually be useful and easy to make and use, something I don't really see a lot of in other action-RPG's. The levelling up system was also fairly good as well. I might have a look a Mars: War Logs if I get the time, thanks for recommending it. Anyway, to the point of the thread: King of Dragon's Pass, an extremely good blend of roleplaying and strategy as you play as the leader of an Orlanthi (human culture group in the world) tribe settling down in a frontier region of the fantasy world of Glorantha. The gameplay is almost entirely communicated by text and illustrations, with there being hundreds of events that has you dealing with the issues for leading a tribe in such a situations in a world mired in expansive myths and history, with the choices not being clear-cut and having far-reaching consequences. The soundtrack is terrific and a joy to listen to as you play and the videos above are among my favourite pieces. One thing about the game that really impresses me was how the game handled morality and choices: Normally, morality in games is fairly simplistic, clear-cut and mirrors modern value systems. KODP doesn’t care about modern morality. It doesn’t reward you for being nice, or efficient, or mercenary. Instead, the many parties that make up the world react to you depending on their own weird ideas of morality, their own politics, their own needs. You have to do the same. If you apply modern values to it, you’ll never get anywhere. And yet, it’s not rigid. Orlanthi laws and customs aren’t laid out in black and white – a great design strength, as it doesn’t get bogged down in rules, or demand that you memorise an encyclopaedia. Your only guide is what people tell you, and they’ll openly admit they’re not sure sometimes. As in real life, there are situations where the right answer isn’t clear to anyone, and not even appealing to tradition can help. Few choices are hard coded, and you can get away with defying your ancestors, subjects, or even the gods themselves, within reason. Your ancestry isn’t your only concern, and nobody’s perfect. The game understands this. The people understand this, and there’s nuance in their opinions. Before long you’ll make a decision that the people dislike, but respect because they see reason in it. Sometimes you can appeal to authority and say “I’m the chief, it’s your place to obey”, and they’ll be fine with this. Hell, you can resolve some crises by composing a poem. Drama bombs can be defused. Sometimes. With so many background variables, even the exact same decisions can have different results. Telling someone to calm down might work on one occasion, but a second time could only piss her off even more (side note: its attitude to women is pretty great. Men do most of the fighting, but women are capable as fighters and leaders, and ring membership is as meritocratic as you are). *This may seem like an over-exaggeration, but most crafting systems in RPG's are fairly tacked on and useless. Why spend all that time investing in your crafting skill, gathering materials and then trekking to any crafting stations (if that's a requirement, I'm generalising here) when the weapon/item you make will be rendered obsolete by the weapon/items you pick off dead enemies as you quest? or by items that you can pick up from stores? Bound by Flame at least made their crafting system intuitive and important in comparison to other games that I've played by making crafting components plentiful and easy to find, with basic components able to be used to make advanced ones for specific modifications. Not to mention that it was cheaper and easier to replace bombs, traps crossbow bolts by using crafting, three things that are actually quite useful in this game. PS: Excuse the tangent that I went on with KODP, it's one of my favourite games of all time an thus I have a lot to say about it.
  2. The combat system can take a while to fully get used to (and it's fairly merciless at the beginning if you're trying to do it as a hybrid character), but believe me when I say that this game is truly worth your time, if but for the quality of the writing, multiple solutions to quests and non-linear structure of the story. And if you absolutely hate the combat and can't stand it in even the most remote sense, then the game provides ample pathways to get through the game without fighting depending on your storyline and whether or not you're clever enough to avoid confrontations (some are less obvious than others, and certain classes/factions/quests are combat-oriented) I've always gravitated towards non-combat oriented characters in my RPG's, but trying out the combat with a combat oriented character was fairly enjoyable, especially given the wealth of new content that's opened up to you as a result. The developer is fairly small and worked on the game for a fairly long period of time (10+ years), so it's no real surprise that the graphics aren't AAA-standard (through they still look quite nice given the nature of the game). The focus of the game was (quoted directly from Wikipedia) "to return to the 'golden era' of role-playing games by emphasizing choices and consequences and providing a comprehensive skill set, multiple solutions to quests, and extensive dialogue trees." If you do end up playing it here's some invaluable advice; have multiple saves and save often. Also, to return to the point of the thread, here is the soundtrack to the very enjoyable "Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse (1994)" in celebration of it's recent re-release on GOG! Secondly, my personal two favourite pieces of music from the very, very underrated RPG Bound by Flame. While the game did have obvious flaws in some of the voice-acting, specific aspects of the companions and certain story elements later on in the game, past that the game is VERY fun to play through, with the combat and crafting system being very enjoyable and intuitive (particularly the later, probably one of the very few times I’ve bothered with such a system in a game) and the characters and writing that, despite their weird quirks here and there, really grows on you and makes the game a real joy to play through. I'll link to another video below the music ones from a reviewer who actually convinced me into trying the game out for the first time and does a good job discussing it. The following video is NSFW given some of the language used, but I felt it does a good job of exploring a lot of the positive qualities within the game overall
  3. Heh, times flies when you're having fun, or in my case getting crushed by work. Been quite a bit of time since I last posted here but here we go: This is the soundtrack from the absolutely amazing cRPG 'The Age of Decadence'. The excellent writing of the game, coupled with a very enjoyable combat system, dark and original world and a story that is very non-linear and accommodates a great deal of variances and choices depending on your background, skills, faction and actions makes it a one-of-a-kind, and easily one of the best RPGs to come out this year: Considering that I'm a modder, a prolific user of mods and have posted music from mods on this thread before, I felt I would be remiss if I didn't add some. This is from the excellent 'Elder Kings' mod for Crusader Kings 2, based on the setting of the 'Elder Scrolls' There is far more custom music for the mod, but I could only find the main theme on youtube Also, now that I'm on the subject of Crusader Kings 2 total conversion mod music, here is the soundtrack of the incredible 'Game of Thrones' Total Conversion mod for the afore mentioned game. It's fairly well know as mods go but then again; it is a mod and thus might fit the whole "obscure" description of the thread In celebration of it's recent re-release on GOG, here is the soundtrack for 'Warhammer 40,000 EPIC, Final Liberation'. The game is very enjoyable and the live-action cut-scenes are very cool to watch Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance. I've got a bit of a weakness for this game given my absolute love for the setting which it is based on (funnily enough that too also has a Crusader Kings 2 mod based on it that is fairly good). Despite this, I am aware of some of the pretty big weaknesses for the game overall, but the soundtrack is fairly solid:
  4. Get the GOTY version if you can. I don't really care much for Hearthfire but the other two expansions are quite good. If you do decide to use mods, make sure you look up Wyre Bash. It is absolutely invaluable for managing mods by making them more compatible (such as when different mods edit the same leveled lists) as well as repairing save games. You can also organize your load order by using it as well.
  5. I used to mainly play Orks back in the day, though I did rather like and dabbled with the Imperial Guard. It's been several years since I quit the tabletop side of things due to my lessening interest for the tabletop side of things, as well as my distaste for the price-hikes/ Games Workshop's policies in general. I do however keep up to the date with the lore (including some of the better books off of Black Library, like Ciaphas Cain or Eisenhorn etc.) as well as the electronic products of WH40K, as I still have a great love with the setting itself.
  6. Been a while since i've posted on this thread (or indeed, on this forum), here you go. I recently found out about this really nice Half Life 1 mod called 'Master Sword: Continued' off of Moddb recently, and it looks really interesting so far: There's also this game I recently got off of itch.io called 'The Right Side of Town', it features a really nice soundtrack: I just got around to playing the 'Viking Conquest' DLC for Mount & Blade: Warband, where I heard this gem in the main menu screen:
  7. I'm currently playing through the Elder Kings mod (for Morrowind!) for Crusader Kings 2, as well as playing Guild Wars 2 (I'm in Charr-occupied Ascalon at the moment, it's more sobering then I thought it would be playing through that particular area.)
  8. Agreed 100%, I think my point in my post above is that it's more difficult to ignore this kind of thing as a public figure (relatively speaking of course) then as an anonymous poster on some obscure forum (in which case it's par for the course). Nobody is denying that it's insanely unlikely for someone to actually follow up on a threat, but I think what prompted Anita was the part where the person sending the death threats knew her home address. Whether you debate as to whether her response was overkill, you gotta admit that having someone send death threats and knowing the home address of the person they're sending them to is bound to make anyone skittish at the very least.
  9. Here's an excellent article I recall reading some time ago with regards to the wider issue of the harassment that women in the industry face: http://www.polygon.com/2014/7/22/5926193/women-gaming-harassment Personally, I think that's inarguable that women in the industry are typically a target for this sort of level of harassment/prejudice on a regular basis, (though of course it varies depending on their status and what in particular they're working on) and that the issue is fairly widespread as far as I can see. Now, as I'm sure anyone here can attest, we've all been attacked sometime in the past on the internet (or hell, multiplayer games for that matter!) and had to grow some thick skin over time to shrug off random, incoherent trolls as a result when discussing our opinions. But what sticks to me about this issue is in the harassment directed towards professional female members of the industry, the concept of having a "thick skin" to ward off harrassment/trolling etc. in this instance is more difficult because the context of this isn't some random, anonymous debate you’re having on some obscure gaming forum, which is pretty easy to shrug off, but personally directed towards your professional capacity/body of work and as a (female in this instance, though it's relevant to both genders) public member of the game industry, which in turn can lead to some pretty negative effects on their psyche over time. It's inexcusable to send anyone (of both genders) death threats/rape threats etc. simply because you disagree with their opinion, doing so hinders whatever debate or argument you're espousing and perpetuates this idiotic stereotype of the imbecilic man-child gamer whom you should keep your kids from; it demeans the efforts of every good, level-headed and reasonable member of this community/industry. Also, just to clarify, I think it was the fact that the person sending Anita the death threats was also aware of her home address that drove her to leave her home and call the police, though feel free to correct me on that as I'm basing that off the article above and one other I read a day or two ago. PS: I don't have a particular opinion on the whole SJW etc. that flares up on the internet, but I do have a negative view of those who respond with such issues with abuse or harrassment simply because the other party presented their own opinions on the matter that conflicted with the responder.
  10. Correct, it's nice to see the original use of the word decimation.
  11. I've only ever played warband, which was an extremely enjoyable experience (the mods for the game are also quite nice, like the Game of Thrones one and some of the others you can find on the Nexus)
  12. I just finished playing a demo for a space-sim called Rodina, which is currently in Steam Early Access. I really enjoyed its' emphasis on exploration, the 'story-lite' approach the game takes and some of the overall core game mechanics. The soundtrack was especially worth noting, here are some samples I managed to find on youtube:
  13. I remember the two of you as well, it's a shame that some of the other posters from the older forum aren't as active as they used to be (especially @Scout and some of the others). But then again, I'm not really that active myself despite coming here every day or two to check out any new topics and keep up to date with the community (though I'm a lot more prolific when it comes to posting in the comment sections of articles). I agree as well, conditions in the current forum are certainly an improvement compared to the older one(s). Also, in response to original topic, I'm not sure if Joe is going to hit "public speaker" levels of recognition anytime soon (though it is a very novel, and plausible, idea), but he is starting to (and to an extent, already has) gain far larger levels of popularity and awareness in the gaming community, and thus garner attention from companies/groups interested in cultivating aforementioned community. And it's still early days, who knows what it will be like a few years down the track.
  14. There are some fairly decent ones I remember using from the Quest and Adventures and New Lands section: Beyond Boulder Dome http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/46907/? New Vegas Bounties 1 & 2 1:http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/37310/? 2:http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/41184/? Project Brazil (NOTE: This is a Total-Converison mod and is not yet entirely finished, the first installment is self-contained and fully completed to a high-degree of quality) http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/45138/? Dog City Denver http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/41751/? A World Of Pain http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/38719/? There are plenty of other gems scattered across the Nexus site that @Leviathansub linked to in his post, try looking in it's "Top Files" section as well as browsing the categories section in order to better narrow down the mods in particular you want to find.
  15. That's unfortunate. Youtube has had some pretty serious issues over the years with regards to core policies/processes that negatively impact honest YouTubers (specifically reviewers and their ilk). Recently however, with the introduction of this new copyright system and subsequent string of negative implications it has caused to a large number of YouTubers (reviewers in particular), these issues have dramatically increased in both severity and size across the board. Only those Youtubers with sufficient popularity and/or part of network can have some "relative" (key term here, even Joe is still dealing with this issue) security, but those smaller YouTubers are left dangerously vulnerable in this new environment, especially if their account is shut down. Unfortunately, considering Google/YouTube's overall attitude (stonewalling concerns and ramming the changes down your throat), and the dominance the service has, it seems unlikely that any sort of effort by YouTube will take place to fundamentally address these issues, and certainly not in response to concerns raised by those affected. Prepare for the worse to come people.