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  1. I played the original not long after it was released but I've never played Dark Arisen. I've been looking forward to picking it up on PC since it was announced not too long ago. I expect that it may tide me over just long enough for Dark Souls III to come out.
  2. I've played through it too many times to count, especially back when it was new in 2004. I usually play as a good Paladin type character who uses heal, barrier, ect. I've played as good/neutral/evil wizards, rogues, archers, and warriors though. As well as combinations there-of. The only combination factor I don't really enjoy is the evil part. I think I've only finished the game once as an evil character. Edit: Why is my text so small? I set the font size to 24 trying to make it legible. It was originally so small that you couldn't read it at all.
  3. I'm looking forward to the dlc. It gives me another reason to start another new character in DSII. I've done just about everything there is to do as is and was looking for a reason to play some more. I think I'm going to play through the first Dark Souls a couple of times while waiting or I might play some TES. Either way, looking forward to July 22nd!
  4. The computer version of this game plays amazingly. Its also really well optimized! Oh its sweet not to have a lag anymore. I constantly noticed it on the ps3 version. Haha... Other than that, the graphics while a little bit better, aren't all -that- much better. Its mostly the fact that the game is playing at a full 60fps that is so damned nice. Regardless, I'm going to start looking for some mods, and possibly making some myself. Hopefully somebody can figure out how to get that sweet lighting system that was taken out back into the game.
  5. Love the Gif. I haven't played DSII in about a week and a half at this point. The reason for that is that I figured that it was rather pointless to farm all of the trophies, when I'm just getting it on PC in a few days. I'll farm the achievements and all of that on steam. haha
  6. You could use an Xbox 360 controller, or even a PS3 controller (Although you have to use software to trick it into thinking its a 360 controller... Its kind of strange.) I just use a wired 360 controller myself. However, I am going to try the Mouse/Keyboard controls in DSII. Just because they said they'd be better, but honestly I think I'll just end up using my 360 controller. Yes, by the way, they do have controllers specifically made for PC. There is actually quite the variety. I just personally prefer the shape of the 360 controller. The number one thing that I am looking forward to with DSII on the PC is hearing all of its nice audio through my PC's sound system... It blows my television's system away. Haha
  7. Patch 1.03 is coming soon. This is from a Dark Souls Facebook post. "Patch 1.03 for Dark Souls II is coming for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360! Read the patch note below for more details about the fixes included in. This update will be released as follow: For Playstation 3: April 9th 9:00am JST– Release in Asia (except Japan)... April 11th 9:00am GMT– Release in EMEA and Oceania April 11th 4:00am EDT– Release in Americas For Xbox 360: April 11th 6:00am GMT – Released worldwide Dark Souls II 1.03 Patch Note: MULTIPLAYER -Failing to create Multiplayer session no longer disables use of online items, such as White Soapstone. -Players now receive a small portion of Humanity after successfully assisting in a Multiplayer session instead of regaining full Humanity. -Starting boss fight with the Looking Glass Knight while summoning other players no longer cancels the summoning process. -Fixed an issue that prevented some bloodstains, illusions, and messages from being displayed. -Fixed an issue where “Unable to participate in Multiplayer Session” could constantly appear. -Fixed some instances where the portrait of the person you were summoning was different than the actual character. -You will no longer be able to take off Covenant rings while being summoned. -Fixed an issue that would cause some summoned players to fall through the ground at Earthen Peak. GAME MENU / INTERFACE / CONTROLS -Optimized Start Menu and Bonfire Menu performance. -Trophy icon for “Holder of the Fort” has been fixed. -Controller now vibrates when blocking an attack OTHER FIXES: -Bug involving Drangleic Castle door not opening has been fixed. -Fixed an issue that would cause Souls to be lost upon death with the Ring of Life Protection equipped. -Fixed an issue that caused some players to fall through elevators while using Binoculars and Magic simultaneously. -Fixed an issue causing some enemies being hit by arrows at long distances receive 0 damage. -Fixed an issue preventing the Brotherhood of Blood duels from starting properly. -Added a message for players that displays after entering the coffin in Things Betwixt -Fixed an issue where all of the items and objects in an area would reset (Without using a Bonfire Ascetic). -Fixed an issue that didn’t unlock some items from vendors on 2nd and beyond playthrough. -Fixed an issue causing the requirements for the Brotherhood of Blood Covenant be 50 too high. -Licia’s conditions for moving have been optimized." Definitely some good fixes, but I'm unsure on the humanity change. I would only become human again after helping as a sunbro every eight to ten times. Maybe this means we'll get un-hollowed by a single tick -every- time we successfully help somebody? If that's true, then I think its a change for the better, for sure.
  8. When I tossed the bonfire ascetic into the bonfire in the Forest of Giants (the first one) I started getting invaded like crazy, while before hand I hadn't been invaded once in the area. So if anything it increase pvp capabilities of the area directly around the bonfire.
  9. The ridiculously high numbers that the covenants require to max out look like numbers out of some mmos and fps games. Which, 500 kills isn't hard at all in either one of those genres if you have even a small amount of skill... Hell, 5000, even 10000+ is cake. That's obviously because you'll be getting 20-50+ kills in a singular match though. Not to mention, the loading screens of those games probably aren't as annoyingly long as DSII's are. That is my number one gripe about the pvp... You get two long loading screens.... Used to use that time to smoke, but since I've quit its just wasted time. haha Regardless of my gripes on pvp, and the loading screens, I still think that Dark Souls II is a bloody brilliant game. Of course everything has to have a few flaws that need ironed out. As for NG++ the merchant in Drangleic castle... I got the full Heide knight set in NG because I kept tossing bonfire ascetics into the first bonfire in the Forest of Giants. If the game reads that as NG+ (I got that little area up to NG+++++) then I'm sure it'll read the merchant's area as NG++ so that you can buy the spells. Its worth a shot anyway.
  10. Agreed. Its a massive pain to even get the items to invade in the first place, at least to my knowledge. Its especially bad as a blue Sentinel. Then, if you actually do have the items and go to pvp, again as a blue sentinel, you'll get many many failed invasions, and have to sit there and spam the orb before you get one. When you do actually get one, over half of the people you will fight are dishonorable gankers/won't quit drinking estus (which is annoying, but I punish them for that. haha). Then if you're actually lucky enough not to get a rude person to duel, you'll disconnect, or your latency will be so bad that you can't really do anything (and I have a good latency in every other game! Not to mention I've had many conversations with the people I fought in DSII over bad latency. So I don't think its just me.)....Regardless there is no way in hell I'm going through all of that 500+ times. Its absolutely ridiculous, they need to drop it down to fiftyish. One-hundred at the most. I've also noticed that Dark Souls II handles a bad latency very poorly. Unlike Dark Souls 1 where when you have bad latency, and a player model freezes up and doesn't do anything (rare anyway), when you hit them they won't take any damage, because they aren't actually there. In Dark Souls 2 when this happens (which it happens a hell of a lot in my experience) you can swing away on their character model, then when the game actually realizes that they moved, they slingshot across the screen, deal some damage to you (usually, because you were frozen on their screen too) and then die for no reason at all... Which of course gets people to call you a hacker when its just a bad connection. The multiplayer in this game has been frustrating to say the least... Well, the pvp. Oddly enough I have had no latency problems when being summoned in as a sun bro, or summoning another player to fight a boss. Then again, I haven't been able to be summoned in since patch 1.02 broke the summoning signs. Come to think, the pvp wasn't laggy before the new patch either. Also, the dragon covenant pvp wasn't as bad as the blue/red pvp, although it was still terribly laggy. The least laggy pvp (although still laggy) has to be the bell covenant, and the Rat covenant pvp. ...In short, the pvp is frustrating, the online mode is tedious, and I'm hoping it'll be better on the PC, and look forward to april 25th so that I can use the ps3 for what it was meant to be used for... background noise. (I'm joking, although I do just use it as a movie/music player most of the time.)
  11. I haven't yet. If you look at the shield type it says 'Strike/Spell Parry.' However, you can't parry with it. Maybe a spell would bounce off if you caught it during one of the attacking animations? I know I've blocked attacks with a greatshield bash before.
  12. I've equipped my character with Syan's Helm, Syan's Armor, Syan's leggings, and Ruin Gauntlets (because I haven't got the Syan's gauntlets to drop.) Weapon wise I use a fully upgraded Heide Knight Sword, a Protective Chime, and a Dragonrider's Halberd. My shield is the Tower Shield (Praise the Sun!) I also have a balance of faith/melee oriented rings equipped, five attuned faith spells (Three attack spells, two heals) and several things on my toolbelt. I'm rather happy with the way my character looks/plays right now.
  13. Hey Killer, you should probably edit your post to hide the spoiler. Haha ... Anyway, just decided to report in. I'm level 128 now, and still have yet to be invaded by a red. I've fought several of those bell protectors though. Funny thing is, I think that every single one of them that I did fight were using ultra greatswords.
  14. Well I'm level 108 now, and can't figure out where to go at the moment, so I've been doing quite a bit of pvp.
  15. I haven't been invaded yet, but I've been helping a lot of people with boss fights... I also joined the blue sentinels so I can help anyone that does get invaded... Haven't been called to battle once so far, and I've been wearing the ring. But lets see... I've killed six bosses so far I think, and am level 68. I'm really enjoying the pve aspect of the game so far though, the controls and all are very nice... Although, I did at first think that they took out sprint jumping, turns out they just changed the button though. Haha ... The game's just bloody brilliant though, isn't it?