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  1. I created a character on Faerie yeah, but had trouble contacting other members due to the "need to be logged in at the same time" thingy :/
  2. Hmm that's weird guys, I can't find you in the player research tool or when I want to send an invite :/ I've got a message like "this character doesn't exist" when I try to :/
  3. Awesome ! I'll send you guys a friend request asap
  4. I'm OK for a reroll on Faerie then My ingame name is "Trevize Elherm", look me up !
  5. It's hard to pick a favourite but I think the games that'll stuck with me for a few years would be: -The Walking Dead -Bayonetta -Gravity Rush -Rayman Legends
  6. Wow, seems like there's a few people playing it, that's brilliant ! However, kinda dull as apparently we all play on different servers... Creating a AJSA Free Company might be trickier than expected, especially considering how much the character transfer costs at the moment...
  7. Well, the French branch of Square Enix charge 14€ for the transfer, which is a whopping lot... Especially when you consider how Guild Wars 2 allows you to transfer once for free -__- I am currently playing on Brynhildr, I started as an archer (lvl 19 so far, ) but was considering moving to healer as it'll make things easier for finding a group. I should check if it's possible to create another character on another world for free :x
  8. Hi guys ! I'm not a big MMORPG player (I've only played the first Guild Wars a few years ago and started the second one recently) but I've been into FFXIV:ARR and like it alright so far. Me being quite of a Final Fantasy fan has probably something to do with it... Anyway, I was just wondering if other people were playing it, and if we could represent this glorious Angry Army in Éorzea !
  9. Thanks guys \o/ Hopefully I'll see you around ingame !
  10. Hi there ! The name's Pierre, French dude of 26 living in Italy ! I'm happy to join the Angry Army as I started to play more and more multiplayer-oriented games ! Right now, I've just started to play FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, so if there's any other players around, let me know ! In real life, I work for a video game localization company in Milan ! Cheers all ! \o/