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  1. It sounds and looks extremly stupid... but I guess in a good way. Am not interested, but doesn't seem to suck anyway, so yeah, enjoy!
  2. It looked like a decent stealth game. I usually don't play those that much, but I loved MGR so why not giving it a shot? Then I watched Ground Zero review and I was like...... meeh I don't know. Sure the game will be much huger, but such an open world stealth thingy is probably not that much for me. And we all know how obfuscating the stories and character's names are.
  3. No... No! NOOOOOO! This shite can't be true. It must be a hoax. It is... no... inconceiveable. How?
  4. It is common knowledge that he is the number 1 Youtuber.
  5. Whoever falled for them in the first place is probably... not the brightest light to begin with. Official announcements guys... that's the stuff.
  6. Why only one mascot?`THey have so many!
  7. 1. EA suuuuuuuucks (Angry Joe-style) 2. Their are greedy lil' turds so why would they even bother? 3. It is not a real victory. The damage is already dealt, especially towards the Simcity-franchise. It's the same with Darkspore that killed Spore's potential and chance of sucess.
  8. Sounds stupendous! Gonna give it a look.
  9. Nothing against Assassin's Creed, especially not 2, but shoot this franchise is milked more severly than Call of Buty. Is it not even an EA game as far as I got it... Bad sign for the future, though the games themselves aren't actually bad or just mediocre. They are good, but much the same. But I love dat Naval Combat :3
  10. Welp! Looks like Youtube is pulling another EA. Maybe Angry Joe should create his own platform, if something like that does not exist already. It would surely not stink like sullbhit. It is like they have no idea what the users want/expect...
  11. It's EA. That is like as surprising as the sunrise. There is stuff to fix in TItanfall already, so fix it first before planing another. Seriously....
  12. As a bisexual in a intimate, lovely realationship with a person of the same gender, I am glad that this cretin is finally dead. And I am just German, so not even close to his area of influence.
  13. If badass equals anti-hero, then yeah, Alex is clearly more badass. :3
  14. I would, but I am only 17 so I can't even do it
  15. I see your point. Moral Choice can be stupid, but I like it :3 And thank you very much.