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  1. Battlefield 4 and Reaper of Souls at the moment.
  2. Commodore 64 in 1991
  3. "An open-world psychological FPS set in ghoulish 1940s America, from veterans who worked on Silent Hill, F.E.A.R. and The Witcher " https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1012709089/death-in-candlewood
  4. Age of Empires KKnD Xtreme
  5. Why Oculus VR ? Why are you doing this ?
  6. - Left 4 Dead 3 - Mass Effect 4 - Far Cry 4 - Crysis 4 - Destiny (PC version) - Borderlands 3 - new Brothers in Arms - Hard Reset 2 - new Hitman - Homefront 2 - Total War (about XX century)
  7. I cant even describe how much I'm excited
  8. Hard to choose five - The Witcher - STALKER - Dragon Age - Command & Conquer - Star Craft
  9. - Age of Empires + Rise of Rome - WarCraft II - StarCraft + Brood War - C&C Tiberian Sun - C&C Generals + Zero Hour - C&C 3 - Medieval Total War - KKnD Xtreme - Company of Heroes
  10. Titanfall beta and maybe L4D2
  11. Because USSR were biggest threat to USA and "western world" for over 40 years, they occupied entire eastern Europe etc. Its also western propaganda: "we are good guys and russians are bad". Sorry for my english - I know its far from perfect