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  1. BladeMaster liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Why I Love League of Legends But Hate Playing it   
    This is what happens when a game becomes extremely competitive. It's like a drug. First time you play it, you play it just to see what it's like, you play it to see if you are going to like it, but when you realize that you are slowly getting pulled in and you are getting better, you just want to go for the wins. I just started to play ranked a little more seriously and I plan to go ranked full on and only play normals to chill out or play some new champions. When I play ranked, I get easily pissed off, I get pissed off extremely at my team. When I'm doing great on my lane and manage to push it, but see my teammates fail, I hate to blame them, but I also hate to put the fault on myself. I try to do my best to carry my games. Like Fox Drop said, you don't deserve to win if you don't carry. Sometimes however it's impossible to carry, if your team isn't listening to you or is just doing random things. I get extremely pissed off, but I try not to go "you freaking idiots, gtfo fuc$erks making me lose."
    I never do that, I never liked that. Also before a ranked game starts, I always say in the champion selection, "Guys let's establish some ground rules: 1.) No rage if someone feeds/fails the lane
    2.) Use pings/communicate "
    and such stuff, but I rarely get a response, everyone just ignores. Just because it's soloQ, it doesn't mean it's all on you to win and carry the game, you NEED the help of your team, that's why it's 5v5, not 1v1. No matter how fed you are and good you are, you won't be able to win a game alone, unless the enemy team are complete idiots.
    At the end of the day, you have to remember though it's still a game, but like I said at the beginning, reason why people are such asswipes in LoL and rest of MOBAs is because it's competitive. If you are the contributor to Defeat, of course you are going to get shit on. You just have to get used to it or quit playing. I simply mute and suck up all the crap I've done and I admit, "I failed this round."
    BTW I play Zyra mid...and many times I got shit like, "Don't play Zyra mid noob", but I don't care. I just ignore. I don't like the meta, I prefer to play with champions I enjoy...I have easier time playing Zyra on mid rather than let's say a more viable mid like Ziggs or Lulu. My friends that I play with often give me crap like, "Why you play so many unviable champs?" And I can't answer them, I like them and have fun. I want to play champions that I like and that I'm familiar with even if they aren't the most viable. I got my first Quadra and carried 4 games in row with Zyra in my first 4 games with her this last week when she was free. I know there will be times when I will fail, but I won't give up just because of those failed rounds. I will probably keep on playing her till I get bored of her or find her someone to replace with.
  2. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by BladeMaster in Been having a Rough League spree :(   
    Haha. Gbay is one of the causes that kept me playing league in silver/gold. Then some friends stepped in and helped me improve. To be honest i consider every f**k up as my own and even when i have a bad day and rage and i won't blame anyone besides me. Kinda stupid way of thinking but helps me get out of losing streaks. One last thing i do when i'm in losing streak is that i get into a game with cocky attitude and having a kind of god complex where i just think i will stomp but prevent myself from raging at anyone in my team. Just playing when tired or completely pissed off makes me lose games so i stop when i think i'm just playing to lose.
  3. elgys liked a post in a topic by BladeMaster in Play style   
    Depends. In some cases you can delay the game. You can Split push and narrow down objectives. Being down 10 kills does not mean you are really behind. As more like objective based player i love to go split push and just take towers. Make pressure, making pressure is really important in some cases. If i surrender it's when i know we have no chances to win (Many lanes lost and enemy team is just taking out all objectives) Having 1 lane lost is not that bad you should be happy it's only 1 lane not all of them. On Solo Q i try to go till the end and delay the game if i have to, in most cases my kda won't matter to me if it means i can win current game i'm playing. Win or Loss if i tried my best im happy with that game, and sometimes surrendering is an option. (Yeah Comeback happen baron steals etc but it's rare to seem them. I remember when i stole baron with Graves smoke screen ) Motivation and willing to play till the end are really important aspects in the game ;].
  4. BladeMaster liked a post in a topic by Rain in Map Awareness   
    In random team games always expect the worst to happen so you don't get surprised when it does. Map awareness is massively important in LoL and for many reasons. Every lane should be aware of where all the enemy laners are, if they are missing from their lane then it could mean a possible gank. Laners should also be aware where the jungle makes their appearance. If the jungle shows up top, bot and mid know they are safe to engage if they can kill the enemy champs since there will be no back up. Everyone should pretty much automatically be signaling that their lane enemy is missing regardless if they are seen going back to base. They may come back to gank instead of getting back in their lane. And the ganking is exactly the reason why lanes should not be pushed and wards should always be placed, almost common sense unless players simply don't care or didn't bother learning.
  5. Rain liked a post in a topic by BladeMaster in Map Awareness   
    Good Stuff. Presence, Awareness all those things people need to learn about. Junglers needs to be aware where he needs to show presence and see who has bad awareness and abuse someone's bad awareness if he needs to. Laners need to look at the minimap or they won't know when to engage. People mostly learn this over time. Some people learn quickly some learn slow. It all comes down to looking at your bottom left/right corner of the screen.
    My Grammar may be bad, Sorry in advance ^^
  6. Mr Syrupman liked a post in a topic by BladeMaster in You have screenshots,well post them here.[All servers]   
    Reaching Plat on my main
  7. Trenvor liked a post in a topic by BladeMaster in Who's you're favorite champion(or the best in your opinion) for top-laning?   
    Riven/Renekton or Vayne. All 3 Carried me to where i am (Love them much) Riven is kinda broken atm but she cannot handle renekton (simple outscale) and renekton can't handle vayne. So it's mostly a loop for me. 
  8. BladeMaster liked a post in a topic by Pariah in Easiest Champ To Get To Gold With   
    Diamond 5 here. 
    Here's what works for me
    If top: Trynd/Riven/   - now with those two you can snowball well, apart from it they'll be useful in every stage of the game
    You could do yorick or aatrox as well, but those're only "delay" champs until your team can win etc.
    if Mid: Orianna (21/9/0)[Pick it against anything at mid apart from ahri], Syndra (21/9/0)[Only pick her when you're playing vs Ahri or Xerath] 
    Swain (21/9/0) Counters almost everything at mid/everywhere - be careful tho, he does need farm 
    Lee/J4 (for experienced players 4 snowball n shit) 

    If you're jungling - jungling kinda depends on their team comp, and yours 
    If you folks have zero CC - Nautilus is always a way to go (he's very viable) 
    Jarvan/Lee work these days, but i prefer Elise 
    Shyvana's awesome against nocturne
    Zac's alright as always, but nowdays he's more for "team 5v5" than solo q 

    If ADC: Cait/Jinx/Graves
    If support: Sona/Thresh/Lulu/Janna 

    Hope that helps. 
  9. BladeMaster liked a post in a topic by ScarSet in Easiest Champ To Get To Gold With   
    Thing I experienced in low elo is that people make bad calls, and then people think their teammates are bad.
    The thing is fuckups happen on both sides all the time. Best thing to do for this was to be able to turn those situations and save my teammates when
    they went in at a fucked up time or punish enemies when they commit to a bad fight.

    so I play champs that can affect those fights. personally my choices are Shen, kassadin, ashe (more on helping your team disengage or stop enemies from disengaging when they realise they messed up), nocturne (I dont play supports).
    being OP doesnt mean shit to me, if you can figure champs that can get to help quickly then learn them.

    personally got 2 accounts from silver 3 / Unranked  to gold 3s in about a week each (wanted dat elise skin), havent played after that since the seasons ending. 
    Pretty sure i'll get to plat easy with the same plan at S4.