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  1. Nintendo 64. Many different reasons. The console had some great games & it didn't have Online play so it's was a great thing to have if 4 friends just decided to come around, a game of Mario Party was always inevitable!
  2. A rather large thread and probably one that most people will have a HUGE variety of choice in. Feel free to post why you like the system you select & which system it was you chose. So without further flooding of the start post lets begin: My favourite Console of all time would have to be the Nintendo 64 because it's got the best selection of games that i remember off by heart & enjoyed while growing up as a child in the 90's, popular titles such as, Conkers Bad Fur Day or Zelda: Ocarina of Time are just a few titles to name, and many of the games on the system were 4 player because there was no Online play, it was fantastic back in the day & i still enjoy a game of Mario Party with my friends.
  3. Not really a funny story by me but it's a story about a driving test. So in Australia when you go for your Probational Drivers License you're required to take 2 tests, the first test consists of a computer based Hazard Test where you have to make the correct judgement or answer whilst driving, the second test is where you have to go for a drive with an instructor & also a personel from the government who judges you and scores you on how well you drive. My story goes, on the day of my test i was dropped off and shown which car i'd be driving & what not, told every minor detail of what to expect, got inside met the government worker & progressed to the car to take my test, then i have to do all the basics. Point at the Steering WheelHazard LightsBlinkersEtcDuring the drive test my instructor was slipping me gestures of what i had to do next in order to succeed at my test, so i pretty much had a good idea of what i had to do & where i had to go before i was even told what to do next. On paper it's not all the funny but during a drive test where you're meant to be focused 100% on passing alone my instructor must have been confident in my driving in order to tell me where to go & what to do. I must admit i was cracking myself.
  4. Back onto the Topic of what i started this post for. Currently i'm in the process of looking at new Scopes for my .22 Rifle, can anybody give me some good quailty brands for Mounts & Scopes? Cheers.
  5. DRM is terrible, sure it's good for the companies but for us consumers it's basically taking away our freedom to play Offline and don't say "Oh but Steam has an Offline Mode" i'm aware of that but so does the Xbox, Playstation, Wii U etc etc, have you ever tried playing an Offline game though? It's not as much fun when they restrict all the content to an Online server such as leveling up or unlocking new things or that they are limited to only playing the Single Player Campaign and not the rest of the game you may have bought just to play. Not only that but Internet in Australia is sub par of any other country because our Government likes to fuck us around, sometimes my connection is just horrible right from the start i turn on the computer with no downloads. Just my thoughts.
  6. Military grade firearms, what would you use it for? I suppose huntings Bears? It's a possibility it won't be if we're not careful but so long as we're following the rules then we'll be fine, what do you intend to hunt after you get your license? Yes i saw that myself but what i've listed is basically a disclaimer so that people know right now this thread possess the ability to offend & in which case i'm not able to control what is shown by other uses, as with all the warnings and what not below it, it's just so that we can hopefully avoid anybody getting offended unintentionally. I'm not concerned myself but i'd rather not be labelled the bad guy for not giving appropriate warnings to people who might flag this topic. Wow very nice a Black Powered Rifle & Pistol, those would be really hard to use & master since all the force is exerted by the amount of powered you place in and squash down. Gotta admit the .22 is just a good all around pest control weapon, which is also very cheap to buy ammo for so if you're "plinking" ammo waste is pretty much a "Oh well maybe my next 200 shots will hit" Racist or Stereotipical comments? I've yet to see any, i think you're just refering to some of the people discussing how their government goes about licensing. It's not aimed at anyone directly. Still voicing concern is a good thing & honering it is what we should try to do.
  7. Normal not a Techno fan but them beats was sick! Very creative. Thumbs Up!
  8. Oh dear, now that is something.... As for the OP's question not sure, i'd like to make a guess but not sure about if i'd be right so i'll avoid posting it!
  9. They like to make you wait so that they can do a 100% check and make sure you're not going to go out and kill somebody, and then when you buy your first Firearm legally you're not allowed to take that Firearm out of the dealership unless you have a Certificate to Aquire which takes another 28 days to come through. Luckily the guy i went through put my gun in a friends name for a while so i could take the gun straight from day 1 . Shh you didn't see or hear nothing.
  10. Nice i may be going to upgrade to Ejector eventually depends it's just that little bit slower to take them out manually, but honestly with a shotgun if you miss 2 shots then you're probably not going to be able to get the kill even if you load it quickly the second time. Well the first time i put in for my license it got sent back because i didn't supply appropriate infomation... The second time it went through and took about 2 months maybe before i got the paper back. 13 months though that's a bloody long time i'd say their form either got lost or it was rejected and never sent notice. Edit: It depends on your age and also depends on if you've got a criminal record or had a license in another state, all of these factors can decrease or increase the time it takes for you to get a license sent. Many or all of these could have affected your friends time to recieve the license back.
  11. Personally i do quite like my rifle, it's definately not as flash as a wooden Rifle but it's lightweight and easy to use. This is my Shotgun: They may have the Ejector model which launches the shells out if they've been fired, mine only pops the shells out enough so i can manually take them out.
  12. This is quite an interesting fact, seen as in Americas gun laws are just crazily over the top, they can own so many guns that are high calibre and in certain states don't require a license to own them. Plus they can just claim self defence and be let off the hook thanks to the second emendment. It sounds like what you're talking about is a Slug Gun which is basically just a gun that uses either highly compressed air or gas to launch out a steel pellet. At least that's what us Aussies call it.
  13. Now you put it that way i can understand, got confused haha whoops oh well. I've noticed it myself, i think it's probably as you said light weight and makes you more accurate upon firing rather than getting fatigued quickly. And yes this is pretty much what i was going for, although it's quite fine that people do talk about their laws and regulations as i find it interesting to learn about other countries laws. Still this is more along the lines of learning from others about all things gun related, ammo to try, techniques to use etc.
  14. Question: Do i believe there should be restrictions to stop kids playing games? Answer: There already is and they do shit all to stop them from playing them. However i do believe there should be restrictions for this even though i don't really care much. Question: Do i mind kids playing Adult Games? Answer: No i certainly don't so long as they understand that this game is meant for Adults and that they should act mature and not be stupid and ruin the game for the Adults who are playing and who are at the legal age to play it. Question: What do i hate the most about kids playing Mature games? Answer: Everything except they are too young to play them. Honestly i don't care what age groups play what games so long as they, are mature enough to understand that this is not real & that they are now in Adult territory so they should be mature & respectful just like 90% of the Adults playing the game are. So long as they tick all the boxes of maturity & mentally stable i don't believe there to be a problem. When i was a kid i used to play Adult games and i was always respectful & mentally stable enough to understand that reality is different to video games & that what is in the game stays in the game.
  15. True not all cultures do but you get that on the big days. Plastic guns are believably real these days, guess that'd be why they hate them, i just hate them because they don't go bang.