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  1. Sorry to have pulled out on you at the last minute, mate. Things have just been really busy for me lately.
  2. I'm surprised how long this thread has been here for.
  3. They're not the ones who made the blacklist, but they are endorsing it
  4. I really couldn't care less if people get blocked, I care more about the defamation associated with being labelled a "harasser" by the IGDA.
  5. INB4 this thread gets locked: I sent an email to Github saying that the repository is defamatory. Best case scenario is that they request that the publisher to remove the label of "harasser", and the IGDA follows suit. I personally think you should be able to block whoever the hell you want, labelling someone as a "harasser" just for supporting GG is defamatory.
  6. The IGDA is the International Game Developers Association.
  7. I have the G430 too, but I use it on my PC (laptop). Can it be used on the 360?
  8. I'd recommend getting Portal 2, and the Mass Effect Trilogy, LA Noire, maybe Portal: Still Alive if you want to understand the story behind Portal 2. Portal 2 is a lot of fun, especially in the cooperative campaign when you're playing with a friend. It's also got a strong single player campaign, and it has very interesting gameplay mechanics. Mass Effect Trilogy has undoubtedly the best story in a video game that I have ever played. The first game has the strongest story, while the second and third have the best gameplay. If you get Mass Effect Trilogy, I recommend getting the DLC listed here, especially Citadel (but do it last, just before the end) L.A. Noire is the biggest game to come out of Australia, and it's a detective game. The main mechanics of the game are looking for evidence and interrogating witnesses. Interrogation is awesome, and the motion capture used to capture the actors' faces is state of the art.
  9. Why have you been having so many problems adding people on Skype?
  10. Some games like Natural Selection 2 have exceptional communities. Others, do not.
  11. Yeah, especially if you're playing with 12-year-olds with voice chat enabled.
  12. Nobody accused you of being crazy. *nervous laugh*
  13. I can't remember the time that an FPS was marketed as being "realistic". "Immersive", "next-gen", "advanced" and "good" seem to be the buzzwords used today. Except for "good", I made that one up.
  14. But it's been coming soon for so long, and it's killing me! It's killing me Apex Spartan! I just have to know!
  15. I probably won't. I bought Outlast and I didn't even finish it. I just cannot play horror games.