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  1. Nerd3 Pewdiepie (So what? I do not give any other YouTubers shit for "copying", I just find entertainment in his videos) UberHaxorNova Lore TheTolhe (Really cool guy, listens to and interacts with fans!) SmoothMcGroove (Best Acapellas) OneyNG MrTechnicalDifficult MinnesotaBurns InTheLittleWood Etc, etc.
  2. I'm sorry but fandom aside, no one can deny that Superman is the only one who could win. He's actually got superpowers, and Batman's only got martial arts and gadgets.
  3. I think it's great considering I couldn't get 3DS Max to do anything -.-
  4. Can I choose some sort of heavy explosive or atomic bomb? Then I can take them with me. Otherwise lots of fries, and chocolate milkshake. And ice cream. And burgers. I can maybe delay my death!
  5. They aren't what I'd call "YouTubers", just people who sit around in the dark corner of YouTube's attic, red eyes gleaming from the darkness, waiting to pounce on the popular videos.
  6. One Piece. Dragonball Z (Funimation). I was watching Attack on Titan but too fast, so now I get to wait half a year.
  7. Are you serious? You know it depends on where the answerer comes from, and is neither decisively called one nor the other. Don't take the answer of just "football" or "soccer" from the results. Although, I am from England, where in fact we do call it football.
  8. Not so many youths as I thought there would be?! 16.
  9. Someone should make a video website as close to YouTube as possible before this update, with all the most-loved features from the past. And minus all the mistakes. If I only knew better how to code.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/feather_beta Removes a lot of Google's crap from the page.
  11. Ace Attorney 5! I just need a 3DS now. Also, GTA V for PC.
  12. I found "Saya no Uta" on a list of top visual novels and have played quite a bit of it. It's pretty unique and quite disturbing but be warned as there are some "inappropriate" scenes that really surprised me...
  13. I only played the newest game, but enjoyed it. I also spent a LOT of time watching TheTolhe's original X-COM playthrough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUKHuGGGr1g