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  1. The thing is, Miyazaki said Dark Souls is over for him but, that he cant be 100% certain that Dark Souls is actually over. The 100% part I did get it right from OP right? lol. There is always that possibility down the pipeline. Still, nice the see the man willing to give the franchise some rest.
  2. You were the one that quoted me right? Your post was likely taken down because of that, you quoted me, not for shilling purposes. The supposed antisemitism couldnt be allowed to spread you see. Were not in /v/, I havent seen obvious shilling here. Then again I dont have to of seen it for it to happen. You are right though, its the people that buy into this microtransaction shit that enable companies to do this crap and in the end it hurts most players. And we literally cant do anything about this, because if I dont pay or you dont, someone else will.
  3. Well, I'll post again since my last post was deleted because of a ridiculous claim of anti semitism by someone. But, I'll capture the essence of my original post. I said I didnt dislike GTA online too much and I have two characters both at level 100+ so I have played it a lot. But, I have stopped playing it both because I have played it a lot already and because Rockstar made it so that money comes in at a slower rate and it doesnt go as further as before. The updates they have made for this are updating the payout system so that it gives less money, made missions give even less money if you finish them quickly and at the same time made missions harder stomping and curbing farming all under the premise of fixing the "game economy." Furthermore, heist fix nothing as their payouts are a complete joke as well. Combine this with all the good stuff being is expensive as fuck well, their bullshit shark cards intentionally become a necessity by design here. Sayonara.
  4. Kek. All im saying is that the thread would attract less flames if people use that obvious advice that obviously nobody is using that I talked about. I used it though.... Actually, I missed or forgot that shit you typed. I was just using the "trigger" term because it is appropriate to do so in the context of my sentence. It fits. Whats this pussying out thing though/? Dont be ridiculous, I quote and have quoted you often times if I have something to say directly to you. I am doing right now. You actually think about this stuff? Ok. I assure you though, I dont want to go at it or type shit about you. I commend you for that, surely you are a man of great repute. As for the trigger shit dont know if it started in tumblr but, if it did it has expanded way beyond it now. Like I said earlier, I hope the real meat of the game is in the SP. Please id, the mp doesnt looked that good.
  5. Just watched the first GoT episode of season 6. Got to say, those Sand Snakes are fucking scary and badass. Not really spoiler, not giving much away but, click at peril still.
  6. Ive only played the Castlevania for the Nintendo 64. All I can remember was that I thought it was cool and kinda creepy but, the controls sucked and either the N64 needed an expansion pack or I didnt figure out the save system because when I died it was always back to square one. Those platforming sections with the broken bridges were a big fucking annoyance. So I dropped it, made it as far as the castle I think after a biker skeleton but, I never finished the game. I was younger then, im sure today I can figure that shit out.
  7. Well, makes sense considering its a one shot now. Dont know how I feel about that though, maybe it actually works out. Personally I never used the chainsaw much because since you have get up close its almost guaranteed that you will get hit because of the kill time. Now it doesnt seem like much of a problem. Talking SP here. On another note, at first I thought to myself how did this thread go wrong? The thread seems to be in agreement that the beta kinda sucked right? But actually, this is about what you can expect in forums and it isnt that bad. Derp myself. Just a heads up though, you guys saying the "feels like Halo/COD" type stuff, I totally get it, I can see it. But, maybe you'll trigger less morons if you say modern mp mechanics or something like that instead.
  8. No, for me there isnt an specific game I miss. If I star feeling like I want to go back to a game of the past I do so because theres usually a way to play it. Be its backwards compatibility, its been re-released, dusting off an old console or firing up emulators. What I do miss are the times when I played certain games, like I miss the old days of playing Halo 2. All the memories I've made playing that game with family, friends and by myself are so treasured I would like to relieve them. But, that was more than a decade ago, things change and they did.
  9. White knights of the round table assemble! No? Ok....... OP, just send him a nice pm or tweet saying that you support him or something, maybe he sees it. Otherwise subscribe to his channel, watch his stuff and be an active community member, thats support right there. Im sure he appreciates you and knows he has people like you behind him already.
  10. OMG... I hope that they just leave Broly alone after Second Coming and Bio-Broly but, after seeing that picture im reconsidering my position. To continue on with the topic I just marathoned the second season of Star Wars Rebels. The last two episodes were absolute badassery, seeing Vader fight was the highlight of the season. The episode when Ahsoka, Kanan and Ezra go to the jedi temple and have their own visions was great too. Rest of the episodes were kinda ho hum though.
  11. Wow, were actually working with a date for this now? A big step up from the assholes that make articles, videos or forum posts about the dlc that say something along the lines of "release date confirmed" and when you click theyre like derp release is somewhere in spring derp release slipped into June derp release is Q2 derp... I hope this is legit, been waiting on this forever. True facts, I have a special 20 dollar bill stashed somewhere for the express purpose of still having the means to buy the expansion in the highly unlikely case that I somehow suffer some sort of financial disaster. I want it!
  12. Somebody really needs to give me a good explanation for the Halo clone/Halo 6 meme going around, im not sold on it. Played the beta and theres one thing that isnt clear to me here, are the ideas for the MP Certain Affinity's own or do they come from id? I am just baffled here. They try to make an arena shooter of old but, still gives us modern mp mechanics? Fucking gimmick burn card hack modules? OMG. 2 weapon only and loadouts are debatable. Then theres the progression system which is unnecessary and the customization options which personally I have close to zero issues with. Add other assorted shit here because I am most interested in the hack modules, those directly mess with the playing field. Lets have examples of why hack modules are bullshit. Im not sure if the Demon Rune is on a set timer for the duration of the match but, what I see is that it spawns at random places in the map and the location where it will spawns is only revealed 5 seconds before it does so. 5 seconds, a useless amount of time to do anything about it if youre on the far side of where it decided to spawn. Shit out of luck. Unless of course, you happen to have the hack module which you just burn before spawning that lets you see where the fucking runes and other shit will spawn and its timers because that is fair, totally reflective of an arena shooter. Or how about the one that lets you see other peoples life bars letting you know right of the bat if you should engage or not? Or the ones that increase your armor automatically on spawn? Totally fair and equal not bullshit at all. Just. I hope theres modes that get rid of that crap and that the SP is where the real meat of the game is.
  13. Certainly, an interesting choice of a title to use as your shit game example. It seems it couldve been any other absolute shit game, literally, but it was Duke Nukem? Fine. In any event, yes you have every right to think what you think of course. Though, some would question your reasoning as to why you think Doom might be shit. Not me though, its not what im doing here. For all I care, you can dislike everything about Doom for whatever reason you want if you wish. And finally no, I dont need to read your post again, I got what you were saying. See?
  14. As in infamous and shit right? Well, since Doom's 4 announcement in 2008 I think, we heard almost nothing from id until Zenimax purchased them. After that, id said they were renewing Doom's development and that Bethesda would obviously be the new publisher. I would hardly compare that to Duke Nukem's development hell. Rest of post gave me a headache, moving on. Well, you said you played them so no, it wouldnt seem you missed them. Actually Doom 3 was a both a critical and commercial success and Id's most successful game at the time. And they dont need to reboot the franchise, they are just doing it with the new Doom. Much like Doom 3 was a reboot itself which wasnt completely necessary.
  15. This thing is both kinda infuriating for me and totally hilarious. Infuriating because of Blizzard being too PC and momentarily caving in to the dipshit who complained about Tracers ass and this reminds me of the similar shit that has happened with other publishers and devs like Capcom censoring R. Mika's asslap. But, totally hilarious because just like with Capcom the sjws got BTFO at the end, we got a better pose out of this and reading some posts on tumblr and shit those idiots were unironically claiming that the new pose is totally ok and they were happy with it despite not being any less problematic under their criteria was fucking golden. Also, you can probably still go on /v/ and post a pic of Tracer's other pose and create a storm just by the pic alone. I think the drama will die down though OP, im sure the most of the morons who were opposed to the butt unironically consider the change a win.