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  1. Maghorn liked a post in a topic by Lightning in How much do you dislike GTA Online?   
    Well, I'll post again since my last post was deleted because of a ridiculous claim of anti semitism by someone. But, I'll capture the essence of my original post.
    I said I didnt dislike GTA online too much and I have two characters both at level 100+ so I have played it a lot. But, I have stopped playing it both because I have played it a lot already and because Rockstar made it so that money comes in at a slower rate and it doesnt go as further as before.
    The updates they have made for this are updating the payout system so that it gives less money, made missions give even less money if you finish them quickly and at the same time made missions harder stomping and curbing farming all under the premise of fixing the "game economy." Furthermore, heist fix nothing as their payouts are a complete joke as well. Combine this with all the good stuff being is expensive as fuck well, their bullshit shark cards intentionally become a necessity by design here. Sayonara.
  2. Lightning liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Could DOOM possibly be everything we're hoping for?   
    Nah the "triggers me" shit actually existed before Tumblr ever did, but it didn't have the exact same meaning to as it does now, but a very similar one hence it's used now as well. It's also the 1st time I used it myself and don't plan to use it too much anymore.
    Anyway Lighting, I'll trust you man. If you really didn't mean to call me a moron on purpose I'll believe it. Let's put that shit aside and set a turn a new page over then.
    Pretty much the same thing here and I knew the MP didn't look good or that it wouldn't impress too much, I said it at start of the thread and got flamed by some people (I can't remember who), but back then it was just what I thought, but now it seems to be pretty true. I'll still be optimistic and hopeful that it will get better, but as you said, it's all about the SP. I'm hoping for some fun and gore classic demon ass kicking and a proper campaign that won't end in a 3 hours.
  3. Lightning liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Could DOOM possibly be everything we're hoping for?   
    I'd take the berserk pack that lasts the entire level without overly long and absurd kill animations over the chainsaw. Also Lightning, I honestly don't give a crap if I trigger a handful of idiots/derps/other folks because I'm not politically correct and never will be  (And seriously, this "Trigger" shit is some garbage from Tumblr I'd rather it stay there)
  4. Lightning liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in Could DOOM possibly be everything we're hoping for?   
    Yeah, nope.
  5. freeeza21 liked a post in a topic by Lightning in Could DOOM possibly be everything we're hoping for?   
    I dont know what I expected. Why did I think Bethesda and id wouldnt try to pull this shit with Doom? Why?
    OT: I've been hearing the opposite OP. The fact that its like UT/Doom arena shooter of old is a huge plus but, what detracts from it are the dumbass hack module shit or progression system, basically the stuff that mimics modern mp mechanics. Could Doom be everything were hoping for? Maybe, just maybe but, I dont know.... lol.
  6. Lightning liked a post in a topic by MS06S Red Comet in What Achievement/Trophy still eludes you?   
    I am tipping my hat to you for getting the Trasure Hunter achievement in XIII, that was one other that I could not finish on ps3. I maxed out all of my characters crystarium in most of their roles but I could not continually grind for hours and hours and hours for platinum ingots. You sir are a true hero.
  7. Lightning liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Could DOOM possibly be everything we're hoping for?   
    They just announced $45 worth of season pass stuff, including multiplayer maps..
    Way to fuck things up, id and Bethesda!
  8. Mr_E_Meatshield liked a post in a topic by Lightning in Star Wars: Rogue One Teaser   
    Another girl? Why not a redhead at least? We can only hope that this time she didnt graduate from Mary Sue University. 
    I was always opposed to the Star Wars movie every year plan and this trailer didnt blow me away but, it also didnt concern me much. However, "This is a rebellion isnt it? I rebel." WTF kinda cringe worthy line is that? Fucking hell. In any case imma go see it, love Star Wars too much. Fucking Bothan Spies better not get screwed over here though...
  9. Lightning liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Why are some video games being sponsored by junk food products?   
    Because the Doritos Pope decrees it to be so!

    Seriously speaking though, because Marketing. You don't like it? Don't buy it, just like Call of Duty, which YOU DON'T BUY / PLAY ANYWAY! /thread.
  10. Lightning liked a post in a topic by Mexiguy in Microsoft Creates Racist AI, Promptly Murders It   
    Tay did nothing wrong
  11. Mr_E_Meatshield liked a post in a topic by Lightning in what happened to the top 10 controversies of 2015   
    Like I said in that other thread dont know which one, maybe the GG one (BTW, where did that thread go? Did it get purged? lol) the Top 10 Controversies of 2015 video went to the dark abyss. No hope of seeing it now OP. Whether because of not enough time or Joe simply not wanting to get assblasted again it doesnt matter. Because theres no hope of it now either way! Zero hope! Lose your mind!
    Its a shame the 2015 video never came out because those videos are golden and will serve as a reminder of the kind of dumbshit that surrounded the video gaming world for for all prosperity.
    (Went back and saw that I actually talked about this in the "Discussing Frequency of Joe's Reviews" thread.)
  12. Mr_E_Meatshield liked a post in a topic by Lightning in [FORUM GAME] The Longest Sentence in History   

    There, sentence over.
  13. undeadslayer4 liked a post in a topic by Lightning in Why are some people complete assholes these days????   
    Took the words right out of my mouth. The sending a girl home from school because of the damn Wonder Woman lunch box triggers me. Fucking stupid.
    Or at the very least keep it to personal messages instead of these continuous attempts at your public crucifixion.
  14. Lightning liked a post in a topic by LaserBunny in Why are some people complete assholes these days????   
    It's not just these days. People have been assholes since forever. 
  15. Oreyn liked a post in a topic by Lightning in Halo VS Geras of War VS Borderlands   
    I like Halo the best. Talking about CE-3 here (maybe even lolReach). The core of why I love it so much is because of the great story that made for great campaigns, the oh so good competitive multiplayer, the best soundtrack of a thing ever! And of course the Master Chief himself. Such a simple protagonist but, totally badass. If back then you wanted a skill based shooter that was modernizing shooters themselves, it was Halo. Two men walk in and the better player left, that was Halo. Will never have a MP mode that grabs my attention like Bungie Halo did. Too bad the MCC sucked.
    And here we come, to 343 Halo. Well, 343 only has one more game left to go and they finish the second trilogy and leave Master Chief alone right? Right? Godawful.
    Gears doesnt excite me too much but, voted for that one second by default. It is cool but, just did the campaigns coop and the first one was one of the first games for my 360 that let me wondering about the possibilities of the system. Still havent done Judgement.
    Borderlands whatever. Good games but, dont have much to say. Whenever I played them it was coop only (will not play them by myself) and I just went on autopilot. My brother likes them much more. Still havent done the Pre Sequel.
  16. Lightning liked a post in a topic by Raspharus in Man spends $6000 worth of microtransactions on a mobile game in 1 day! 1 DAY!!!!!!!   
    I've had so much action with my body pillow that it stands on its own now. My wife is coming to life!
  17. Lightning liked a post in a topic by Rain in Reaction Video Rant   
    Holy fucking unoriginal Batman, reaction videos are flooding YouTube more than ever. I really don't get it, "watch me pretend like its my first Christmas when I watch this video". Doing a review is one thing because it takes time and effort and your thoughts are carefully laid out, but doing a 2 minute commentary imo is a waste of bandwidth. Views change, second guessing and many other things make reaction videos pointless other than for shits and giggles. I'm probably thinking too much into this but for some reason it's annoying lol. #BoycottReaction
    Oh I know, I'll start doing reaction videos to reaction videos...now that's creative thinking.
    Side note: I am speaking in general, not directed to any particular person or videos /EndRant.
  18. Lightning liked a post in a topic by cmg666 in New Doom MP Trailer.   
    Why isn't my goddamn game about killing goddamn demons not fucking out yet give me my fucking Doom!!!
  19. Chumbry42 liked a post in a topic by Lightning in Random Comments Thread   
    Im sure you mean E1M1 right? I was reading your comment and went to youtube to put the song on and found this.
    Fucking badass. If it doesnt make me want to pump some iron, grab a machine gun, go to hell and kill hordes of demons, I tell you.
    My random thought is that I recently started up the free to play Magic Duels Origins after quickly dropping it after launch mid last year and it hasnt changed a bit. Its still going full money grabbing jew pay to win and there has only been one update, WoTC arent even supporting it. Blizzard with Heartstone is blowing WoTC the fuck out in the digital TCG space and they still refuse to cut it out on the aggressive monetization? Why? You created MTG so youre the big badass WoTC? Its even worse for their for MTG Online service, they treat is as if youre buying actual real cards, so stupid.
    Good thing that shit like MTG Forge and Cockatrice exist, best way to get into digital Magic by far. You just download the programs, doesnt cost a dime, has most cards, for Cockatrice you can play with other people and they update the sets, it stays current.
  20. Lightning liked a post in a topic by Chumbry42 in Random Comments Thread   
    I'm going to be so very disappointed if the original badass DOOM song is not in the reboot
  21. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Lightning in Quantum Break first gameplay videos. Looks really good.   
    Payroll LPers are a freaking cancer. This game is product of the now dead TV era for xbone, it will be nothing more than a meh fest. The guy from LoTR is cool though, Pippin, Merry, dont know but, its cool.
  22. Lightning liked a post in a topic by MaxterG in Ideas for game plot   
    i want to have zombies in the game that are like the passive ghouls in fallout and make fun of all the politicaly correctness nowadays.
  23. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Lightning in Fable Legends is cancelled, Lionhead Studios to close   
    I had a bit of fun when a friend let me borrow Fable 2 but, never finished it. I started Fable 3 sooooo many times to coop it but, whoever I was cooping it with we just decided to drop it and play something else instead. Every. Single. Time.
    Overall, I'd say nothing of value was lost with Lionhead closing.
  24. Lightning liked a post in a topic by TamaskanLEM in UFC 196: upsets up the ass.   
    There really is something that could be said about this.
    So much for having that big time fighter ufc could market with. And I thought the cover to UFC 2 was unfortunate before
  25. Lightning liked a post in a topic by Snapplemonkey in Trailer for the New Ghostbusters Movie