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  1. I don't really see why you should fear an zombie apocalypse since we are an highly advanced race. Let's say there is an Zombie apocalypse in the USA for example where there are millions of guns, HAHA zombies you are to funny.. The only way we would have a problem with zombies would be if they were running but then they are not really braindead zombies. I myself live in Sweden and I would walk around with some sort of catana or sword and also have protection that teeths can't penetrate. I have watched the Walking dead series and it really bothers me that only one character are using some sort of catana/sword, The zombies are stupid as hell so what is really the point of relying uppon ammunition? I have not been watching the newer episodes but the stupid Zombies in the serie should not be that suprising and hard to kill after some days.. Real thinking people would create mass destruction weapons.
  2. Well blizzard are still developing the Titan project but that will probably not be out for years. The thing about creating new mmorpgs is that they need a massive depth to gather nerds from all around the world for a longer period of time, WoW does that since Warcraft is one of the most beloved game series ever made and it has a massive story to tell. No other MMORPG up to date are delivering the same depth as WoW does right now when it comes to storytelling within the game. Sure the newer mmorpgs might have a story but it is not really connected to something as big as the Warcraft games. Even Warcraft 1-2 had very cool stories to tell. Sure the game can feel dated if you have played it for many years, But Blizzard are changing the game a little for each expansion and this expansion is huge if you ask me, Just that they update the charactermodels as much as they will do just amazes me because it really shows that Blizzard can do with their amazing engine, I kind of like the cartoony feel of the character graphics and with this expansion the characters will look and feel much better than newly released mmorpgs. If they make the world more alive and reduce some restrictions within the game, It might really make the game feel completely different in a good way. Anyhow I really like how they can keep upgrading this old game to look amazing with stunning graphics, The developers of WoW are really top notch at what they are doing.
  3. Camping is very effective so why should you not camp if you still are doing your objective? It is also much better to camp in good positions / Play slow instead of just rushing in and die for no real reason. Whether you should camp or not also has to do with what situations you are in. Some players camp because they are bad and don't know how to do anything else, Others camp because they are smart and know where to camp to get a few free kills.
  4. Some sort of naval combat would be cool, Two large aircraft carriers could fight each other with a ton aircrafts in the air and boats in the sea.
  5. But that low level creep farming in WoW was one the funniest parts about the game. I used to grab my Warrior and run low level instances and get a couple of hundred enemies to hit me at once when I was really bored, And then I just killed them down with one whirlwind or something and looted their corpses for materials that i needed or just wanted to sell at AH.
  6. I played the Closed and Open beta and the game was alright but not worth buying at that point. While grinding around while in beta it felt like any other mmorpg out there. At first it was cool but after some days it felt like nothing special. But who knows, Maybe the game is better and more fun now? But all my friends have stopped playing the game so I wonder why that is?
  7. I would lock myself inside my bedroom until Joe gives me the *Badass Locked in the Bedroom Seal of Approval*.
  8. Gladiator is the best movie up to date.
  9. Planetside 2 Firefall 'open beta' Heroes & Generals Dota 2 Path of Exile Team Fortress 2 America's Army: Proving grounds
  10. I would like to present this idea to the community, No this is not a troll post. ^^ But I think that World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor could be a fun game to play within this gaming community.Don't get me wrong I am not really that big fan to the current WoW expansion ''pandaria''.But the 2013 blizzcon footage really made me more interrested about this expansion than any other of the current MMORPG's.When I play a Mmorpg I mainly do it because of the character progression and having a chill time and WoW actually beats every other MMORPG in those topics without even trying. I have been playing WoW from the very start of Vanilla Closed Beta and have been active within the game for many years after that, Mostly as a lone wolf by myself but I have also been leader and supporter to many raiding guilds through the years but the game really had me lose most of my interest while playing Mists of Pandaria, That expansion really did not change to much about the game, It changed the skill system and gave us some more enviroments while questing. Sure it was fun for some time but they did not change enough to keep me in the game for a longer period. But I think that Warlords of Draenor could be what WoW is missing since the game is really old and need a major update, They are removing the stupid hit from the game and adding new high res character models and adding more psychics to the game = they are actually improving the game by alot and from what they told at Blizzcon they wanted to make the world more alive. PROS: 1. The new Expansion will change a lot of things within the game.2. Remodelled - Improved / Somewhat realistic character models with emotions.3. Easy game to get started within and you always have something to do.4. Wow actually has one of the best and biggest guild system where everybody can contribute.5. Guild management and guild calendar is silly fast and easy to use. 6. Easilly the best chat UI in gaming history. CONS: 1. Monthly subscription fee.2. Time consuming. 2. Can get repetive if you play the game to much.3. Old game concept. ''wich still works''5. Autotarget. I know that many people dislike WoW but it is actually one of the best MMORPG on the market and that nobody can deny. ^^ This game is easy for newcomers to play and it should not be that big of a deal to start a large guild with several Raiding/PvP groups.
  11. I was playing a lot of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k back in the day. In Warhammer I had a large Warriors of Chaos setup towards Khorne and in Warhammer 40k I was playing them Eldars. I also had a lot of random characters and armies that I did not play with but I liked to collect them awesome looking figures. A lot of my income went in to this hobby. Right now everything is boxed down in storage somewhere in a corner and I have probably forgotten everything about how to play the game. ^^
  12. In Sweden we are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages when we turn 18. Other ages for buying strong alcohol for yourself and friends though, For that you have and your friends has to be atleast 20 years old. I think these age restrictions are weird because you are not allowed to buy out to people under 20 but they are allowed to drink.
  13. AngryJoeShow. Cinemassacre. FrankieonPCin1080p. Force Strategy Gaming. Totalbiscuit. therealhard8times. Moldran. And a lot of other fun youtubers
  14. In this topic we share our all time favorite game trailers, *You can write [.Flash] link [./Flash] without the dots to directly link the video to the forum. So this is the best trailer that I have ever seen, The battle scene gives me goosebumps every time because it is such an epic battle..