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  1. I love and have ALWAYS loved Evolve. I'm game.
  2. Really Rexxar and Lt. Morales if anything are a little underpowered. Yes Morales has AMAZING single target healing, but she can't self heal and her only ability to heal herself is to essentially stay out of combat for a few seconds for a recharge, so focus attack on Morales and she's very quickly dead. It's the same theory as fighting the medic in team fortess 2. Target him first Heavy follows fast. Also with Rexxar basically dodge Mischa and attack Rexxar, he's real squishy and will die fast. They buffed him by improving the Mischa controls but he's still easy to get around. Fun to play as though. And on no planet is Nova better than Zeratul. Her combo can be very strong this is true, and Triple Shot and Strike are cool, but she has no escape beyond smart hologram play so positioning is crazy important. For Zera you can get Rewind and Double Bombs which means TWO slashes, FOUR bombs AND a stupid amazing escape that basically means you don't have to give a flying fuck about your positioning at all. Not to mention Void Prison is the best ability in the game, even post nerf. A properly build Zera is one of the deadliest characters in the game, up there with KT.
  3. This total conversion 2142 MOD is closer to what I wanted.
  4. I think you guys are correct in your criticisms, but ultimately you're being a bit too hard on the game. For example I finally mastered dogfighting by realizing I had to keep my speed halfway between slow and fast mode in order to have optimal turn speed for my dogfights, which is why I got shot down ALL the time when I went slow. Also, even though you've locked on with your lasers you have to lead the enemy craft a little bit anyway, and if you're stuck running in a circle you can either pop speed boost or Rebel shield, and then hit the 180 degree turn skill move to do a big roll and throw off people who are chasing you a bit. But yes every single problem you brought up is notable even though I couldn't, stop, playing. Frankly I just wanted Battlefield 4 reskinned with cool Star Wars stuff and a massive unlock system, cool vehicles like a Hoth speeder you and a buddy can jump into together, a cool class system that improves upon the formula by doing something neat with it, and cool modes like Walker Mode which is just reskinned Rush. That game is a game I WOULD pay stupid crazy 140 dollar prices for, so I can play the game and all of the season pass content. I've never bought one of those before, but Star Wars Battlefield would have been the first one to sucker me in. This on the other hand... I mean WHY did Dice decide they had to just do Battlefront? Which was a casual rip off of Battlefield to begin with?? Why can't you just make Battlefield Star Wars? Is the Battlefront name THAT lucrative? Is there some legal reason they had to make it Battlefront? I liked the game fine enough in the end, but man does it frustrate me when game devs decide that they want to sand off all the rough edges on their products so the babies can play too. I don't have the sales numbers and math in front of me but somehow I seriously doubt simplifying my beloved Battlefield formula and evolving backwards as game design is how you make money.
  5. I admire this attitude when it comes to multiplayer games. I could never do it. If I'm not part of the launch "zeitgeist" where everyone is playing the game and it's got as many players as the game will ever have in its entire life span, I feel like I missed the boat.
  6. So basically in my heart of hearts what I wanted was the greatest Star Wars Battlefield 4 mod ever. I would have died happy. Sadly it's not that. I say sadly because it's much more heavily based on the Battlefront series, with some Battlefield elements like a Hoth version of Rush mode. There's nothing wrong with Battlefront as an inspiration... Aside from the fact that the design of that game is like a decade old lol. On a personal note I'm big into Heroes of the Storm, and stuff like Evolve, and the upcoming Overwatch and Battleborn... All games that use unique characters with personalities and abilities that are varied and cool and interesting, and it adds a TON of depth to the gameplay to have so many different characters... That's the stuff that interests me right now. So coming into a beta where the edges have been SOOOO shaved off that you don't even jump into vehicles physically yourself, you pick up little tokens that will spawn you into a vehicle, it's a little bit underwhelming in how very very simple it all is. Some stuff I sort of get. No iron sights sort of makes sense, even though Republic Commando did it like a boss. It's a ton of fun if you're playing with friends as is always the case with these games, but I'm kind of on the fence about this thing.
  7. Sarnecki reporting for duty. I'm looking for a new group of PC people to play awesome games with and be awesome. I like playing lots of different stuff, but right now I'm playing the Battlefront beta and Heroes of the Storm. Looking forward to meeting all you! Drinks on me!