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About HellMinion88

  • Birthday 10/02/1988

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About Me

I've worked in a real hell hole since this economic crisis hit (hense the name :D ) but that doesnt mean I'm quitting. All around me are hard working people who are rough as sandpaper but tough as nails, reliable as they are foul mouthed and I dont think I could work in a place where the people dont measure up to these people.


The same goes for my gaming. I always look for people who know how to enjoy a game as much as they want to crush difficulty levels and scrape bosses off their boots.

I've been lurking in the shadows for years on Joe's youtube videos and I feel I owed the guy for his dedication and tenacity so here I am, account ready and looking to run headlong into any battle on any game that is foolish enough to stand in my way B)


Feel Free to add me on steam maybe we play a little borderlands 2 eh? :)