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  1. Opticalsight789 liked a post in a topic by Patanu in When are you upgrading to the Next Gen?   
    Probably sometime around March, When most of the titles will be out. 
  2. Patanu liked a post in a topic by CrossChaos19 in Mass Effect Polls!!!   
    The main reason I like the second one is the the suicide mission the  best final misson I've ever played in a game the choices you have to make along with the fantastic soundtrack.it was my favourite ever since the first time I completed it. (The end run music track is awesome)
  3. Nitronik2 liked a post in a topic by Patanu in Game of the Year 2013   
    The game of the year to me is Hotline Miami, but hey, that's just me.
  4. turbosnipe liked a post in a topic by Patanu in Should We Be Hyped for "Next Gen Consoles?"   
    It's definitely exciting, but from what i looked up, it seems pretty dry on the game front until February or March. Even longer for people excited for Watch dogs and Destiny, which don't come out until Summer.
  5. Patanu liked a post in a topic by Elysiun in Launch Game Review Round Up   
    With the launch of the PS4 later this week, it looks like we're going to start seeing some of the multiplat games reviewed over the next day or two, so I figured this would be as good a time as any to begin keeping tabs on those launch reviews.
    I'll update the list as I see new reviews drop, and I'll list at many sites as I can, after all it never hurts to get a few varying opinions if you're on the fence about purchasing a game. As a note, I will list the reviews pros and cons, along with the score, next to the link. For any who care about resolution, I will also list that if any reviewer happens to mention it.
    Update - Reorganized games to be listed alphabetically and added spoiler tags so it is easier to find what you're looking for without wading through a wall of text.
    * - Thanks to Qnz917 for links to these reviews!
    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Metacritic - N/A)
    Battlefield 4 (XB1 - 720p, 60 FPS) (Metacritic - N/A)
    Call of Duty: Ghosts (XB1 - 720p, 60 FPS) (Metacritic - 78)
    Crimson Dragon (Metacritic - 55)
    Dead Rising 3 (Metacritic - 78)
    FIFA 14 (Metacritic - N/A)
    Fighter Within (Metacritic - N/A)
    Forza 5 (Metacritic - 82)
    Killer Instinct (Metacritic - 74)
    Lococycle (Metacritic - 48)
    Madden 25 (Metacritic - N/A)
    NBA2K14 (XB1/PS4 - 1080p, 60 FPS) (Metacritic - N/A)
    NBA Live 14 (Metacritic - N/A)
    Need for Speed Rivals (Metacritic - N/A)
    Powerstar Golf (Metacritic - 69)
    Ryse: Son of Rome (Metacritic - 61)
    Skylanders: Swap Force (Metacritic - N/A)
    Zoo Tycoon (Metacritic - 70)
    I hope you guys find this helpful, feel free to post any additional reviews if I miss any and I'll keep this thread updated.
  6. Patanu liked a post in a topic by skywrecker in Video games causes school shootings?   
    haha oh i love it!
  7. The BP Tank liked a post in a topic by Patanu in Persona series   
    A game where I shoot myself to summon an otherworldly being that is reflection of my inner self AND a talking snowman? Sign me up. 
  8. Patanu liked a post in a topic by Vespervin in Some guy got his Xbox One early and he's spilling all the details.   
    Thanks for sharing. 
  9. JJSAUCE liked a post in a topic by Patanu in Some guy got his Xbox One early and he's spilling all the details.   
    So yesterday some guy got his Xbox One early in the mail and posted a video of him unboxing it. Of course Microsoft jumped on that and took it down, but thanks to Kotaku, they were able to gather all tweets about all the details. 
    Here's the full article ~ http://kotaku.com/and-heres-another-guy-who-seems-to-have-an-xbox-one-a-1461279632
    But seriously, according to this guy, each game is around 9 to 24 GG Bytes. Thats nuts.
  10. Hayato01 liked a post in a topic by Patanu in Be Excellent To Each Other....   
    Gotta love that positive attitude. 
  11. stewie200333 liked a post in a topic by Patanu in Where are those Zelda fans   
    I love me some Wind Waker. 
  12. Patanu liked a post in a topic by DukeSilver in Some guy got his Xbox One early and he's spilling all the details.   
    It's cached memory, gents. The game won't permanently take up 50 gigs, or whatever on your HD. It simply needs that specific amount of space available while you're playing it. 
    For example: Say Ryse take 50 gigs. When you take it out, those 50 gigs it took up are now available and the next game you put in will take whatever it needs, etc. 
    Make sense? 
    Edit: Also, I think I read somewhere that MS banned his console already. 
  13. Patanu liked a post in a topic by The BP Tank in Where are those Zelda fans   
    For me it's a tie between WW and L2TP, both of those games have so much charm to them, of course OoT is a classic, but deffo not my favorite, I just feel no involvement in OoT, I mean whats to stop Link from turning around to the Great Deku tree and say 'Hell No! I'm not going on that death mission!'
    Of course in WW your sister gets captured, you feel the need to rescue her, same in TP and SS! Of course it doesn't make it a better game, but it just takes me out of the experience every time I think about it when playing OoT.
  14. Patanu liked a post in a topic by onga999 in Did you hear that, Zach?   
    Deadly Premonition is one of my favorite games!!!!!!
  15. lordvetynari liked a post in a topic by Patanu in Why is Cod the way it is?   
    Because it's game with movie expectations. 
    After Call of duty 2, infinity ward wanted to get out of making WW2 and change the setting. They did that Modern Warfare, introducing new mechanics and settings to make it a better game. That whole scene where you play a dying soldier in the aftermath of nuclear explosion is still noted as a memorable gaming moment in many peoples eyes. But it was the success of the Call of duty 4 that brought it to this point. 
    I don't know what the real name for it is, but i like to call it the Hollywood Effect. For example, when a film like Die Hard Becomes popular, major studios will want to make more of it, because its easily recognizable and they can make more and more money off the product. This isn't any different with Video Games, if a game is popular enough they'll make sequel after sequel. Where the Hollywood Effect comes into play is how the studio who makes the game wants to make the next one bigger and better then the last one. 
    Whatever you might think about Call of duty, it was pretty grounded franchise up until Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.The biggest action scene in call of duty 4 was the last level where you were being chased by helicopter. By Modern warfare 2, you were fighting russian in burger joints and jumping snow mobiles like you're in a frickin James Bond film. It doesn't make the game worse by any means, but it seems to lose the legitimacy that infinity ward had for it Independence from a big name company.
    Most of the members of the call of duty franchise used to work on Medal of Honor games and they incredibly restricted by EA on what kind of scenarios they could create. So they went off and made there own WW2 which lead to Call of duty.
    When Modern Warfare 2 came out it sold incredibly well. Millions of copies and its largest was grown men and teenagers, most of which seem to have very limited vocabulary. But that's subjective, not everyone who plays call of duty is like that but they stand just enough to make it seem that those are the only kind of people who play call of duty. 
    As for Ghost? I give them credit for trying to make a new story other but they peaked themselves after making there last game about WW3. And thats what the hollywood effect is, making something bigger and bigger in each game to the point where you were just a soldier to the point your shooting people in  outerspace. Where can they go from here?
  16. Patanu liked a post in a topic by lordvetynari in Why is Cod the way it is?   
    What Patanu says is what I believe to be true, as well. If anything, this Hollywood effect has been proven over and over again with many movies( Star wars come to mind, although episode 1,2,3 weren't TOO bad). In the case of CoD, I think the developers just want to 1-up themselves with the story and gameplay and make everything a bit more ridiculous, while still keeping it relatively the same, which creates a less believable game that still feels the same.
    I suggest that you guys watch extra credits' video about spectacle creep, if you haven't already: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSd70TSaajk
    It kinda shows why CoD feels like the same game every year - because the developers aren't really relying on new gameplay mechanics or weapons (as they probably should be). They are relying on bigger, more flashy games/stories in order to draw attention, and well, that's exactly what they do. They also have a fanbase that keeps buying the same game year after year, so really, the necessity to innovate is small.
  17. Patanu liked a post in a topic by Tormentor in Top 5 anime intros?   
    youtube  <== this goes first, add [ ]
    LINK <=== this goes next
    /youtube <== close with this, add [ ]
  18. The BP Tank liked a post in a topic by Patanu in Persona series   
    A game where I shoot myself to summon an otherworldly being that is reflection of my inner self AND a talking snowman? Sign me up. 
  19. Lossar liked a post in a topic by Patanu in Awesome (scary?) Obscure game: Despiria. WTF is this shit???   
    Oh japan, your so... unique, yeah thats the word, unique.
  20. Patanu liked a post in a topic by bornoftragedy91 in Favorite Original Xbox Game?   
    Odd world strangers wrath