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  1. All of them) But GTA V review I enjoyed the most.
  2. Hotline Miami. How could I forget it! Definitely one of the most fun games I've played.
  3. Something like that ) Can't remember actually. Probably because I like the girl story much more.
  4. You are not the only one) Welcome! Привет северной столице от Москвы )
  5. Welcome Rafael ! I share the same interests as you btw)
  6. Welcome!
  7. I would like to share some small games I enjoyed playing and if you haven't played them I strongly recommend you to do so. Also if you know an interesting game feel free to add. Shank(1,2) - If you like sidescrolling action games this is a MUST! Papers please - A unique simulation game, check the documents at a border and provide for your family. Dont Starve - If you haven't heard of it you should play it like NOW. Mark of the ninja - stelth action masterpiece. Primordia - If point-and-click adventures is your thing you will enjoy this game. Also do not expect much from the plot, it starts promising but the ending can be disappointing. Cart Life - graphics can be frustrating but if you'll stick with the game you'll have a lot of fun. Kerbal space program - Do you like space games? Would you like to build your own space ship and visit different planets? If the answer is YES, this game will be your favourite. The powder toy- Your own lab, experiment with different chemical reactions, blow things up. Binding of isaac - addictive game, fun time-killer, check it out. If you consider playing this games check youtube for tralers and gameplay before downloading. Have fun!
  8. Anything that our government does from "patriot" perspective will turn into crap for sure. Look at our films for example. I feel like this games will be stupid propoganda and thats it. No entertainment value should be expected. Dont get me wrong I would love to play as "Hero Russian" but I think the point of this games is to turn young gamers into pinheads.
  9. wow ) thanks! I see you're familiar with russian
  10. Hello from mother Russia!