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  1. You would purchase a Steam Machine if you wanted a PC designed for gaming in the living room. It is NOT designed to be a desktop replacement. It is designed to start the process of bringing PC games into the living room.
  2. Why do you need insurance for a console that has a warranty?
  3. Just remember. The "point" of the Steambox is to let PC compete in the living room in the future. Valve is not dumb enough to try to compete with the value of traditional consoles in 2014. It is 2018 that will show if Valve made the right decision. As by then PC hardware at even the low range will be far better than that of the next gen consoles. Getting PC games into the living room is going to be a slow and difficult process. And you have to convince the developers to do it right and not make dumbed down games like X Rebirth in an attempt to take shortcuts. The reward for doing that tho is ending the console advantage and thus most development can return to PC.
  4. Sony sold a MILLION consoles in one day. Of course there are going to be some that are broken. Could you imagine if today's ease of communication were around during the launch of the X Box 360? Point is those who got affected consoles are pissed and are posting about it. That is normal but you have to take it into perspective. Overall this is far below what it could have been. And yes it is very possible that XBONE will have a lower failure rate. However there is no evidence that this will be the case nor does it matter. If Sony had consoles to spare I am sure they would ask the retailers to keep a few on hand to replace those that are damaged. However, that is not the case.
  5. Post evidence.
  6. Yesterday I tried going to the local stores in the off chance they had one available. Not only did they not but at gamestop the paper they were using to collect phone numbers of those who wanted to be notified was full of numbers meaning there are a LOT of people out there who did not preorder and want one now. That is why I am further reducing my hopes of getting a console in 2013. Sony is likely right now focusing shipments to Europe for the upcoming launch there. At the very least we get to see funny Ebay pages and get to laugh at the idiots who spend a thousand USD because their screaming child DEMANDS a PS4.
  7. I do not like what I hear about the working conditions at Foxconn compared to labor standards in the United States. However As sad as it is. Foxconn is considered far better conditions than a majority of factories in China. If this is true whatever idiots were involved with this are likely in a world of trouble by now considering this is China and the building likely has cameras everywhere.This stunt will only galvanize support for factories in china screwing over their workforces. As such I have no sympathy for whatever happens to these saboteurs if it is true.
  8. It is called loss leader. The take a loss on the console fully expecting to make profit with games and Playstation Plus.
  9. I will try to get mine as soon as I can. However, I am not going to get my hopes up to get one in 2014. The demand is just so high right now that I do not think that the December batch of consoles will last very long at my local stores. They have a warranty.
  10. Right now I believe they are losing 60 USD a console so I suspect we will not see any price drops in 2014. Atleast not any crazy big ones.
  11. http://forums.ltheory.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1670 Egosoft.... What happened? 7 years to make this shit? Thankfully there are alternatives on the horizon such as Limit Theory and Star Citizen.
  12. From what I am reading so far it seems to be a disaster. http://forums.ltheory.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1670 That is absolutely absurd. And that is just the tip of the iceberg from what I am reading. It appears the X series of games are finished. I will never trust Egosoft as developers ever again.
  13. It is not making them "Piles of Cash" They are 2 BILLION dollars per year into the red. And that is with all the Xbox Live membership money pouring in. They do not need to compete for the living room. They can make more money selling software for whatever is running in the living room. (You know by ressurecting the highly successful PC games division of the past?) Apple will never buy the Xbox division because of the simple fact that both consoles use Direct X. Apple wants to push Open GL because that is what their products use and they do not want to encourage further DirectX use. As for "Who would buy the division?" That depends on how many patents are part of the deal. Given enough patents and I see even IBM getting interested.
  14. Corperate Commander knows not of Peace and Love.
  15. Thank you! I hope the topic helps!