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Irish Dragon

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    Rift-walking through the Cosmic Tunnels.
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    Re-configuring the Cosmos.

    And silencing my mother.
  1. Doy uo know how to amke it smaller or something so i can use it?
  2. I want to make this preferably me profile picture as a gif, but if not possible i will accept a nice signature with it. Anyone here skilled in the old ways? and willing to help me? Image/video/gif thing http://news.cdn.leagueoflegends.com/public/images/articles/2015/october_2015/CRKAN/3d_Cosmic_Reaver_Kass.webm P.S. RIght click it and select loop and youll see what im talking about
  3. Anything But my friend.
  4. Irish Dragon.4829 Im on the right server too. XD
  5. Ive been looking around on the website and havin trouble navigating to an actualy application or anything that tells me HOW to sign up. Im fairly new to the game and would love to start in the guild as thats how i learned of the game. Thank yah! XD
  6. Damn, maybe Commander Corporate had a change of heart? ....naaaah, probs gonna load it up with DLC. Sucks that only one "hero" on either side can paly as one at a time. So good bye Moseisly Assualt game mode. :'(
  7. I am The Irish Dragon, im new here. Been a big fan o' the show for a while now but i never actually signed up for the angry army until i watched some of those old content resricter videos on youtube and i figured i should join the Angry Army incase anything like that should happen again, i should show my support and sear my allegiance to the ANGRY ARMY! Joe wins, cause now he's got a Dragon. I look forward to meetin the rest of the site and joinin up with stuff in like guild wars and anything else i can to be active. See ya around the Firelands! P.S.- if anyone can find me a much cooler dragon gif that works, id appreciate it, cant seem to find better ones.