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  1. well i'm retarded.. so i get free money =D but used to want to work with computers until my mothers boss sat me down and told me i was a failure =D
  2. serious enough to not have to resort to silly pictures
  3. not high nor stupid.. i made a comparison you seem to lack the understanding to grasp =D
  4. ugh.. it's also a remake? ffs..
  5. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-11-20-killer-instinct-review buy characters to play the game? how sad
  6. a lot of people here enjoy ratchet and clank, so calling it among the stupid games. not a great way to make friends
  7. so can sex, but you won't find generic remakes of that
  8. wow shots.. enough with the copy paste posts
  9. oh another generic fighter game..
  10. baldur's gate. the first game will always be my favourite
  11. you're EU they don't care about you... but if you look back they did address why it would take longer
  12. GOOGLE
  13. aussies on the other hand.. they're fucked
  14. played Baldur's gate?