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  1. Ace liked a post in a topic by TheGobberKing in Thoughts on new YouTube comments?   
    As we know, Google is trying to turn YouTube into Google Plus and I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts on this.
    Do you like the fact that they're turning YouTube into a social network? If so, let us know why. If you strongly dislike it, also feel free to let us know. I personally hate it, it's all over the place and looks like a mess. Not to mention that there is no character limit and there are hashtags. I'm not even joking.
    It seems like YouTube's motto is: If it ain't broke, FIX IT DAMMIT.
  2. Ace liked a post in a topic by Infernaltea in What's going on guys!   
    Hey guys, my name is Jax, in game name is Infernaltea1767. I only have an xbox at the moment, but play it to death. I'm a first person shooter at heart, but play third person games like Saints, or Assasins creed. Big battlefield fan, I'm playing 4 to death and loving it. If any of you play on xbox, would love to get some guys together. Not many of my friends have it, so playing without a squad is garbage. Hope to see you guys on the battlefield.
  3. Ace liked a post in a topic by Rudeulf in Counter Strike Global Offensive Section   
    Yeah joe Start a cs go server