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  1. Finish college Gain muscle Stop eating chocolate
  2. Oh wow, I really thought that amazon was a sensible company :| at least it's still £20 off though
  3. So tragic what's happening in the world. We can only hope that these scum are stopped before they do even further damage
  4. Yeha must be annoying, maybe talk about how annoyed it's making you? I always have to rely on the alias system on steam since my friends are changing their name almost constantly. I used to change my username a lot and now I only do it for a second then change my name back to make a joke.
  5. yess this film is pretty good!
  6. Please tell me this isn't real it sounds really ridiculous
  7. I honestly didn't like GTA IV. it seemed really annoying with roman phoning up every five seconds asking to go bowling
  8. ha, that's not a problem
  9. is it bad I want the Swablu one?
  10. thank you Sure I'll have a look