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    San Antonio TX
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    Anime, Manga, and anything japanese
  1. Kingdom Hearts or Megaman 2
  2. well met indeed lol XD
  3. ya u rlly could aw well lets just hope they make more episodes some day
  4. lol thx XD
  5. Kingdom Hearts 2 Best game ever (until Kingdom Hearts 3)
  6. Hunter x Hunter XDDDDDD or One Piece idk yet new world is kinda annoying so far
  7. That ending Cliffhanger doe
  8. pretty good animes i've seen most of them allrdy u should rlly watch hunter x hunter tho its not afraid to hide anything like other animes. I dont rlly watch tv much anymore tho ever since i got crunchyroll it just dont rlly appear to me anymore idk y XD
  9. All lol but watching hunter x hunter right by far the best anime i've seen yet
  10. Hey guys i'm AoiKami and i'm an otaku lol. anybody else here that would consider themself as an otaku?
  11. I have been looking for a group to play with on tf2 we should get one going XD
  12. Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV games look amazing