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    Game Programming, Sandbox Games, RPGs, Shooters
  1. Got into the alpha, what are your thoughts so far everyone? I've tried several kinds of decks, and overall find the game very enjoyable. However, one thing that bothers me is how overpowered all Legendary cards are. You have the "Prevent all damage" King, the "Can't die" crusher, the "Has Infinity +1 ATK and DEF and doubles your life when it hits" coyotle, the "Gets +1/+1 for each card in graves" Lich, among others I haven't found yet. And trust me, even the Lich is hard as crap to beat. When there's a 56/56 guy, how are you gonna beat it?
  2. I guess you're right, maybe I should stop trying to play MMOs if I know I'll get bored of them easily unless there's a really huge reason for me to play constantly, such as a "worldbuilding" game or an actual living world (which are my #1 reasons to really want to play any game, but can't be found in pretty much any game together). Thank you everyone for your replies!
  3. I'm looking more for an MMO that is either a sandbox MMO (in that I can actually do stuff that impacts the world preferably, rather than temporarily changing places for a character faction's war zone), or some MMO whose combat isn't the typical "click on skill and wait while character does things for you. Or at least something that improves on systems such as crafting and combat rather than copy WoW as every other MMO does. I'd like something that basically doesn't become boring I guess, or is interesting in many ways at least.
  4. Welcome to the Awesome Side. We have cookies and ultra cheap games!
  5. In order: GW2, WoW, TES:V, Kingdoms of Amalur, Fable 2 Mostly due to beauty, not lore or anything else. Regarding Lore, I'd have to say TES:III really. It's the only game I know where the Lore was so intense you could spend infinity + 1 hours reading it!
  6. Hey everyone, I've been playing Guild Wars 2 lately but as of the recent update they've released I sort of feel like the game is getting boring: All new updates don't add much that actually makes the game fun, and I'm getting tired of simply leveling up a character. So, I'd like to ask the AJSA community for some MMORPG suggestions, preferably F2P or paid MMORPGs without a subscription, something with quality rather than those typical F2P MMOs which try to be a crappy clone of WoW. +1 for any sandbox-ish MMOs! Any suggestions would be welcome really. Thank you, everyone!
  7. This just makes it even worse: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/11/13/so-i-thought-id-play-battlefield-4s-single-player-about-that/
  8. I gotta say, what I'm about to post sort of reminds me of the way Jim Stirling would reply to this: So EA is always complaining about how they're the worst company in the world, yet they constantly cockblock their best franchises, especially in the time when they need some QA testing and bug fixing, only to release a pretty bad <insert popular game series here> so that they can milk more and more money, essentially whining about what they do like they can't stop themselves in some sort of vicious cycle to screw customers. Then they want forgiveness for the crap they constantly do! This is just sad, really...
  9. I'll try! I'll have to figure out how to tell when there's a gaming session incoming in the community! (Also this forum site system is confusing, I was trying to quite your post and it sent my reply to some quote system thing and suddenly it disappeared...)
  10. Hello everyone, I'm a big fan of AJS (I often re-hear the GW2 review while working). I don't usually game a lot due to work, but I do try to get at least an hour of gaming each day. Hope to be semi-active here (I'm usually so busy I will probably only get on here every now and then...), and I hope to have some fun discussing stuff in the forum!