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  1. There is only one choice to fight such a giant. The content creators are not likely to make a dent...so it falls to the viewers. If you wanna make your point made to a large coproration there is only one language with which they understand. Their wallet. I suggest that the entire angry army uses Adblock en masse and proceeds to start watching as many videos as possible. Encourage your friends, your family to do the same. Spread this idea far and wide. We'll see how youtube feels about their overzealous copyright policies when they start losing money.
  2. Just remember everyone: We were all just as worried when Disney aquired Marvel...and look how that turned out. Personally I'm psyched c:
  3. ...What do they call the stargate fandom? Gaters?
  4. All of the yes. Please. I miss this.
  5. RLSHing. (Real life superheroing). Going and feeding the homeless...because it's suprisingly fun.
  6. Sci-fi, whether you are a Trekkie, an Imperialist or a Whovian you gotta love it. But what's the armys' favorite? Personally Star Wars has always been my prefered avenue...despite growing up with the Prequels I have grown to love Star Wars as it is meant to- A close second is of course Trek, as it is the thing I watch when I lose faith in mankind.
  7. 7/10 Needs less arms. More denial of arm loss.
  8. We should also note that this is how many people out of the potentially millions who bought off of Amazon. There will always be consoles that are DOA. However there doesn't seem to be any one defect that is causing these breakdowns. If it was all the same thing I would be nervous but we don't know what is causing these defections yet.
  9. Personally I need people to play this with to get through the grind effeciently. In fact I'd love a leveling party for this, so I'm going to say yes.
  10. Give us a game that properly shows The Mandalorian culture as it is meant to be. With INNOVATION. Honor demands it. And Boba Fett demands it...can even Corporate Commander deal with the wrath of Boba Fett?
  11. I can usually Captain Kirk my way through.(Blind luck) Just make sure you have a very varied crew and you have shields at maximum by the end of it. I just wish there was a reliable way to deal with boarding parties. Especially when they go for my O2
  12. Trying to name any one thing wrong with the internet. It's like the Star Wars Holiday Special. You can't sum up all the bad in one forum post...but I'd probably say it's Trolling- Mostly because I have a had habit of engaging them. I can't help myself.
  13. This is something I had thought about a while ago but never knew of a community quite large enough to do it with...if you'll have it. There are a great many games that have communities that are just well...dead. There is nothing quite as depressing as seeing a server-list made up primarily of bots and zero players. Games that have nothing wrong with them- they'e just old and the playerbase on them has just...fallen away. But...what if the Army could give these communities a jolt? What if we could in force fill those servers again, what if we could revive gems of the past and make them what they once were? Playing these as a community even for a while- en masse could easily revitalize these communities...we could find games we didn't even know we loved and could preserve them for years to come! We could bring about renewed interest in games that didn't get their rightful time in the spotlight the first time around. Show that there is interest in things like them! I don't know...it's just a thought. We're here to vote with our wallets and play good video games! Perhaps we can vote with our interest in older ones too. I hope this makes sense because reading on it it feels a little rambly. What do you all think?
  14. I could never stand playing this alone. This has my vote.