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Everything posted by moonred4000

  1. here are my two i made. first one: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CTgoyteWEAAQHcX.jpg:large second one: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CTlKxKjVEAElAuD.jpg:large
  2. heres mine https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CTgoyteWEAAQHcX.jpg:large
  3. What happens in TS, Stays in TS.
  4. I'm at level 5-6 in The USA part, need to work on the other country, but can't wait to see this supported.
  5. game running better now, thank you for this post.
  6. Rage2014, gonna call it now before he gets them.
  7. Another factor about this game are the different mods, which if done right up the gameplay, As far as i know, there are ones for North and South with covers the civil war, and one based on Rome back then.
  8. This could work out for many good reason, glad to see this got suggested.
  9. play it once in a while, still a good game to play, just make sure your with a group or else your bone.
  10. I'm actually part of a group that do line-battles and even have host server to hold these event, if the AJSA dose go into this game, i could get the information for us to be part of a line-battle, with our size, we could take over 25-45% of the server.
  11. thank you very much council member Tons0fun
  12. My name is Moonred4000, and i'm writing my introduction information here, i been with the angry army since SWTOR came out and ran it it til it kinda die as far as i knew, rolled with the army again in Planetside 2 and try to get on there as often, but been playing other games. I been keeping my eyes on the army and have always tried when able to server in a game (if i have it though). And it been because of two separate experiences with playing a game with Joe himself and other leaders of the army that I still prefer to play a game with this guild then my other 3 guilds, 2 mostly being Mount & Blade Linebattles. Can't wait to server in a game with all of you guys.