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  • Birthday 12/01/1995

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    Kill 'Em All
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    I love plying in groups, games what i like are what my friends like to play.
  1. Welcome and have some fun in the AJSA!
  2. Inspiring and sad story, but good that you can walk once again and best of luck my friend. Welcome to AJSA!
  3. Welcome! It is good to have veteran like you with us. Hope you enjoy your time in AJSA.
  4. Yes im 100% with this game! But when i play with my friends, game starts kikcing people off from the game around 100 turns in on large map. If they work a new updait for that then we can start play it.
  5. You are going to love AJSA events, because they are done so well and there are so many people who joins those events and what that means is you are going to have good time when your team is full of AJSA members and you are kicking ass! Welcome bro!
  6. Well in that case you are not going to love your time in AJSA!
  7. Hahahaa nice one! But good to have you in AJSA and enjoy your stay!
  8. Well this is good idea, but i just want to ad that many cars are pretty much the same (unles you have legendary parts) and the cost of the cars are very stupid. Game looks okey for f2p game. Cars handling is okey for f2p game. But still i would play it.
  9. Hope you enjoy your stay in AJSA!
  10. Hello and welcome to AJSA. I have never heard those artist, but now i have and thanks for that.
  11. Welcome to AJSA! Glad to meet you too.
  12. Hey! Saw your channel, i hope you get more subcribers and keep up the good work.
  13. Haha, good to have a pro like you in our side. And welcome to AJSA.
  14. Nice to meet you Jwab and welcome to AJSA. Let's all be cool!