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  1. Yeah, I would have to say you're right. the HoF may not get the biggest role for that very reason. Since there isn't really a morality system in DA:O in the traditional sense, I can't imagine they would be able to implement the HoF's personality as well as Hawke's could be implemented. Either way, I'm hoping for a scene where Leliana and my warden are seen together again. Nothing would make me more upset than the game ending without that dynamic.
  2. I wonder how they might implement the personalities of the HoF and Hawke. If they are given a significant role, they must have to be given some sort of dialogue that portrays the way you played. I suppose for Hawke they could just transfer the personality that you developed, seeing as how Hawke's attitude and general dialogue changes depending on your choices, but as far as I'm aware, Dragon Age: Origins might be a bit trickier. Any ideas?
  3. Very good explanation! I like the way this sounds. It makes a lot of sense
  4. Howdy AJSA! If you have looked into my past topics, I have posted about DA:I a few times. Well, I noticed something in the newest trailer that may or may not be something relevant. I have no idea why I recognized this, but I did and I think I may have found something here. - Hawke's knife - While Hawke's knife certainly doesn't have much meaning in the game, Dragon Age 2, it does make an appearance in the trailer for Dragon age Inquisition. I'll take the liberty of posting some screen shots here for reference* And here* Now, if you have seen the newest trailer for Inquisition, you may have missed it, but a shady character wearing a concealing helmet is in fact holding a knife to Leliana's throat that looks EXACTLY like Hawke's knife. I'll post that screen shot here* I have a feeling this isn't just some meaningless knife. The way the knife is presented just looks WAY too revealing. It looks like BioWare wanted us to notice this, and gave the Knife plenty of room and presentation to be recognized. I'm not thrilled that Hawke's knife is being held to the throat of Leliana since my warden actually romanced her, but I guess that doesn't matter right now. I have some questions for you guys that I think might help this discussion along - Who is this, and why do they have Hawke's knife? - Could this be the default Hawke? - Why is Leliana being threatened by Hawke's knife? - Do you think Hawke would actually have relevance in this situation Thanks for reading, guys! I'm really interested on what you guys think of this
  5. I appreciate it, but I have already played Half life 2. Plus I wouldn't feel right about taking someone else's game like that Thanks anyway though!
  6. Nope, not Journey. It certainly felt like it had the same style, but I'm absolutely sure it wasn't Journey Thanks anyway though
  7. Hey AJSA, I once watched a video which featured an indie game that I was really interested in. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of it and I'm hoping to find someone here that knows it by chance. From what I remember, the game was about writing a description of the barren land that your character travels to. The game was said to be focused on writing and articulation to convey what you saw on your screen. And I've also been told that other players would be able to read what you wrote. Really, that's all I remember. I figure this is a pretty unique concept so I can't imagine too much confusion from other games I've always loved to write, so this game really poked at me for a while. I want to know the name so I can try to keep up with it. Hell, for all I know this game has already been released, but I doubt it. Thanks for your help guys!
  8. Thanks for the list! I own and have played Cube World, The Hidden, and South Park The Stick of Truth. I'll be looking up the rest when I have time to really check them out
  9. Hey, AJSA, I've been a community member here for quite a while, but I'm bored out of my mind right now. Bottom line is; I need some games to play. I just finished playing Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii because I heard about the new Xenoblade game coming to the Wii U some time next year. Welp, I had a good time, but it's over and now I'm bored. I'm sure you guys could help me out. What are some games you guys could tell me about to cure my boredom?
  10. Yeah? we'll see about that
  11. Hello, Angry Army! I plan on creating a business within Star Citizen known as: "REALITY Corporation". The purpose of this company is to collect resources and materials throughout several star systems with which will be sold to other players, and the in-game NPCs. That being said, this is a pacifistic organization. Me and my direct employees will not engage in combat with other ships; hostile or otherwise. However, knowing the dangers of unknown space, REALITY Corp. will be hiring escort squads that will protect me and my direct employees from bandit pilots and such. REALITY Corp. will work like any modern business you see today, with a chain of command that will fall from Senior Managers to Cargo Ship Pilots - Each earning their own set wage based on the company's revenue. All employees will be given opportunities for promotion and recognition. If you would like to apply for a position within REALITY Corp. please contact me here on the AJSA Forums, and I can give you a more details description of how this business will work. - REALITY Corp. will consider hiring escort squads consecutively if the squad(s) show exceptional devotion to the protection of REALITY Corp. vehicles *PLEASE NOTE* - Escort squads will not be compensated unless a successful mission is completed. Any fatal damage to a REALITY Corp. cargo ship will result in violation of the agreement. (YOU WILL NOT BE PAID)
  12. The PS4 is no doubt going to be the future in console gaming, and I cannot wait to get into the new games that will be coming out for it. Although, the roster of games that I have found on the PS4 just scream weak sauce. Don't get me wrong, I am still very happy I purchased a PS4. But these launch titles are not what I was hoping for. Just looking through the forums here explain a lot about how some of you feel towards the PS4's current selection of games. So, my question is: Was this just a weak launch, or am I the only one who didn't expect this?
  13. Well, Kingdom Hearts is a childhood favorite, and I will always consider that my top JRPG, but Bethesda is too damn good at making video games. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim pulls it out for my favorite RPG of all time.
  14. I got into the Hearthstone Beta. I'm not amazing at the game, but it sure is fun. My battle tag is Phoxly#1933 Invite me if you can!
  15. This is the most accurate post I have ever read. To be completely honest, I think WoW is just a big Stockholm syndrome put into a game. When I played WoW for the decent amount of time that I did, I genuinely could not see the appeal in it. Like you said, the game is very generic, and certainly nothing that I would ever consider paying more money for again. Typical tab-target combat, lazy and unappealing quests, and aggravating PvE mechanics. I could spend hours completing Heart events and such in Guild Wars 2. Completing quests in WoW? Maybe about 20 minutes before I decide that Guild Wars 2 sounds way more fun.