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    I like math.
  1. Oh I already have Arkham City, so to anyone else who wants it, you can go ahead and ask for it
  2. I would really love batman arkham asylum if you still have it of course.
  3. Super Meat Boy and Super Crate Box are very challenging to me.
  4. The Banderas-PS4 gifs, property of NeoGAF-Reddit The Original: Some PS4 related ones:
  5. One thing internet has taught me is there are infinite ways to extract the number 3 from literally anything and that somehow proves the existence of the game. Somehow it never comes out. Also, on September 1, 2013, Valve's Jira database was momentarily made available to the general public. It indicated that Valve is working on Source 2, Left 4 Dead 3, and Half-Life 3. If you check the half life wikia you'll see that trademarks have been registrered only to be removed later. Maybe Valve's an elaborate troll. Who knows for sure? If Half Life is a reality, Valve has to first make Source 2, so I'll wait for that first.
  6. It was my uncle's PS1, he didn't play with it anymore and he gave it with me. He only had two games. Such good times.
  7. Go to see no snarky comments this gen launch. They know they need each other for the console market to thrive and they won't hide it. That's good to see. Also a couple of tweets (I'll update this post if I find any more): Found one more:
  8. People have already said this: "I never asked for this" - Adam Jensen "Objection!" - Phoenix Wright and Ansem's speech at the end of KH
  9. Personally, I wouldn't mind if serious/realistic sports games ceased to exist. Every year they try to sell us new features that ultimately are either underdeveloped or don't really add substance to the game for me. Ffs they still market realistic ball physics (I think it was FIFA or PES) every year since what feels like forever. I'm sure people who are really involved with these games can appreciate little changes here and there, but to me they feel the same. Now I still play them with friends every now and then, having little tournaments between us, but if they stopped making them I wouldn't shed a single tear. Mind you this is my opinion, I'm sure people love these kind of games as I like franchises other people have mentioned.
  10. Yes, it's because Killzone got a 5/10 a game the OP can't fathom Resogun "is" a better game. The double question marks seem like a surprise rather that a question. If Polygon gave Killzone an 8-9/10 everything would be in order and Resogun would be "just a game". But in the end it doesn't matter what game has the better score, but what you enjoy the most. I'm sure most of us love a game that got terrible scores and/or got lost into oblivion (I think there's a thread for that) and that's fine. Resogun isn't OP's cup of tea and that's normal too, really.
  11. Why can't Resogun be the best PS4 game? People say it's fun and it seems to have an arcade-ish feeling that older gamers yearn for and younger ones can find interesting and get addicted to. From videos I've seen it seems interesting and I could see myself buying it.
  12. http://www.polygon.com/a/ps4-review/ A really nicely constructed page, people should view it just to see how beautiful it is. So after spending some time with the PS4, the guys at Polygon finally talk about their experiences. They talk about the hardware and its design, the new Dualshock 4 (there's two pictures of DS3 and DS4 overlapping and you can slide one over the other to compare yourself), the brand new OS, Playstation Network and Store, the PS Camera, the setup patches and performance, the Vita Remote Play, the launch lineup, and of course problems they had with new console and its design implementations. There's also a video review at the page, but I recommend reading the whole written reviewto get a better opinion of the console. There's also a score but I don't really understand how you can score a console before it even becomes available to the public. They don't specify if it's only for the hardware aspect of the PS4 and I doubt it is. I hope though they keep updating the review as more people get access to the console and the usability of its features becomes more clear (video streaming, remote playing lag etc.)
  13. Probably Red Dead Redemption 2, though I wish they would make Agent already
  14. I would choose Cave Johnson, love his brains and sense of humor.
  15. I am pretty excited to see how the combat system will work in this 15th installment. Though I'm not getting a next gen console in the near future. I hope we get japanese-voiced version on the west, that would be nice. By the way Final Fantasy XV is NOT a PS4 exclusive. http://kotaku.com/final-fantasy-xv-is-not-a-ps4-exclusive-512611858