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    Tanks for one, Warhammer and lots of tabletop stuff for two, ya know what you're really just better off asking rather than me typing it all out here.
  1. I'm sorry I haven't gotten to you guys as quickly as I thought I would, graduate school work has taken hold and I need to get caught up on it while preparing for the upcoming Gold League Qualifier. I will get to you guys as soon as I can promise, hopefully in the next couple of days and talk to Griever about the training I offered.
  2. So, I finally got access to the open Beta and the go goes full live today. Who all is interested in this one? My first video is coming out in about an hour from now I will add it to this topic when it's live but how many people are actually interested here? And what feature do you guys like about Horde games, afterall this is our first good Horde Game in nearly 10 years, last one was Left for Dead 2 I think (Correct me if I'm wrong and you know of a good one since then).
  3. So I've heard quite a large number of gripes about the change suddenly to tier X for League Play and I wanted to come in and ask some opinions from a source other than WoT's Forums (IE Troll Hell). Being a League player and captain of a new team (Senix.WOT) and one of the few Gold League teams with a sponsor I can say I am not for this change at all! But I can understand the reasoning behind it. The biggest issue I have is that the format support they are leaning to, 7/68, is going to force a tier 8 light or 2 tier 9's while unrestricting the number of the same tanks brought. What format would I like to see? 7/70 with 0 of the same tank brought and only 3 of the same tank class but I doubt this will happen, though it would force teams to get very creative with their play and compositions. Anyway, what are the thoughts of those here on this change? Assuming it even effects you.
  4. I'm actually a League Player of WoT and a Community Contributor, I'll drop by soon. Where is the Teamspeak server?
  5. PC, going to do let's plays of it and already pre-ordered, also apparently I may be receiving a Pip-Boy through a unorthodox method, not sure yet.
  6. So I've been watching Joe for a while, actually a long time now that I think about it, about the same time I started watching Markiplier when he had just over 1 million to give you an idea of how long. If I violate a forum rule here, I would rather you send me a private message and I'll fix it and reframe from violating it again; so mods that one is to you. Anyway, Hello, my name is Fiaura (Pronounced Fi-Aura, Celtic Goddess of Fire and Rage). I am a Master's student at Rutgers and I think I'm the only Transgender Gaming YouTuber I've met, if you know another one let me know, would be nice to meet others who are willing to come forward and yes I fully expect someone to go all troll here and before you do, My armor is thicker than a Maus, you are wasting your time. Anyway, I play World of Tanks and actually really started to keep up with Joe more when he started to Live Stream Armored Warfare, because I did an Alpha preview video back in March on it and to be honest, I really hope it goes to E-sports so I can move from World of Tanks Leagues to Armored Warfare Leagues or whatever Obsidian will call it's E-Sports. Things I've been doing recently: Putting together a team for the Gold League in World of Tanks sponsored by Senix Gaming, finalization of roster is next week Working on my Master's Thesis Proposal: THIS HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE! But it's almost done. Working on YouTube videos Academic Speakings at Rutgers, University of Delaware, Kutztown University, and University of Conneticut Trying to figure out a way to successfully finally get a 14 Kill World of Tanks Match (but that is a secret project! MWAAHAHAHAHAHA!) Anyway that is about it, feel free to ask questions, I'm pretty open about stuff for the most part, and I will basically ignore the troll posts and let the moderators do their jobs.