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    Tobias Christensen
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    COD Ghost

    Elder Scolls, all from Morrowind and up!
    Diablo 2 LoD

    GTA IV - Im a PC gamer so still waiting for V
  1. Yo! What mouse should I get? I just bought the corsair k95 keyboard, and a steel-series 9H headset, so I would also like to upgrade my mouse... So do any off you guys got any idea? The only demand I have is that it is has to be a laser, and if possible with white light like the k95.
  2. Well a hole lot lately. BF4, CoD Ghost, Xcom, some humble bundles for the pc. Ryse and Forza for the X1.
  3. Boogie2988 is an youtube god! He speaks the truth with heart and soul!
  4. Stronghold Crusader, so old, ugly and easy to master... But i swear it's still funny!
  5. Dont like that your are calling this "morning"... Im on my way to bed, but welcome anyway!
  6. Nintendo 64 --> gameboy --> ps1 --> first pc --> xbox --> xbox 360 --> gaming pc, and finally I have pre-ordered my xbox 1
  7. CS 1.6, best fps game ever made, and probably ever will be made.
  8. The dude above me is Satan, what more can i say... He's properly as famous as Jesus, he got more names though. Satan, Lucifer, mom and many more
  9. Hey Army guys! I need an advise... How do you cure a good damn hangover?!?! I must admit my, soda and chips cure doesn't work. Any good ideas?
  10. Well normally I'm not watching sports, and do at all not watch yoga... But this one i like
  11. Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny!
  12. I'm having an irritating itch on left shoulder...
  13. Does I even have to defend my choice? Steam of cause...
  14. Just finished the complete dragon ball story (normal, z, kai and gt), and just started the good old Yugioh again!
  15. last time I looked I seamed to be a male, so I hope I still am...