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  1. I play both regions: George4846#1711
  2. event

    I will be there to kill those Fascist Americans and protect the ZhitKur.
  3. event

    Oh boy time to visit the glorious and beautifully designed maps. *cough* Lies Will be there
  4. Welp time for me to learn how to fly.
  5. meeting

    I will be arriving at the event so you know at least I will be there.
  6. Welcome to the AJSA. We have Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/0iHbkwYao3QkoXu0 We also have a TeamSpeak Channel ts3.ajsagaming.com If you ever find me on either feel free to talk to me as I have nothing to do most of the time.
  7. In reality, anyone who has played the game for over 20 hours should have seen this coming, with the lack of proper balancing the game pushes to be unenjoyable for one side. However with the lack of advertisement, it seemed that Square Enix wasn't interested in keeping such a game. Quite a Shame for the people who invested hundreds of hours in the game. I say lack of advertisement in the sense that over time there was no long term plan.
  8. I will apply being a dedicated member my forum name is George55503 and my Teamspeak3 name is =AJSA=George55503© Jäger.
  9. I will try to send another ticket but i doubt they would care if i lost money,reading the EULA all bans are final. There goes $90 @@
  10. For me i can't wait for Rainbow 6!
  11. Yesterday i was banned from Smite for doing nothing but removing malware from my computer while playing smite, Which according to Hi-Rez Studios counts as modifying the memory and will be treated as cheating resulting in a PERMANENT BAN not even a (X) amount of day ban. I went to Hi-Rez Support but what do i get in response a canned response like this. Your account was in violation of section 3f of the EULA for using cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any unauthorized third-party technology, software, tools or content designed to modify the Software Product, the Service or Site. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Be aware that Hi-Rez does not ban solely based on user reports without other supporting evidence and we human review all bans. After additional review of the evidence, we stand by the ban. You can review both the Terms of Service and EULA at http://legal.hirezstudios.com Thank you.HiRezXXXXXXHi-Rez Studios Customer Support I just don't know if i should fight this or just quit smite and go to playing another M.O.B.A. Edit:Fuck my life there is no way smite support would ever care gg old account.
  12. May i have an Invite IGN:George55503
  13. Grunts are just like creeps in DOTA 2 or LOL but i feel like the spectres are the only bots that are dangerous.I do however like the fact of hacking spectres to make them your own.I remember playing a game and made an army of at least 20 of them.