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  • Birthday 09/03/1997

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    Devirius Gaius ハァッ 男

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    Play video games for fun. My favorite genres has to be RPG, Strategy ( Total War series <3 ) , Shooter , Simulation.

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  1. Your english is pretty good Welcome to AJSA !
  2. Welcome to AJSA, Commander Ledger !
  3. Hey hey svabbie Welcome to AJSA again, the best place on the internet to tell your secrets xD
  4. Hahahah yeah, just tie them down and force them to make a masterpiece again
  5. Welcome to AJSA, Shocktrooper
  6. Medieval 2 was awesome But imho the unit charge is bugged, since they either stop charging and go slowly in as if they want to hug their enemy, or the charge feels weak. But I enjoyed every moment of it
  7. Rome total war was the best, I had fun playing it for 100+ hours then what I had playing RTW2 for 1 hour
  8. So pretty much what the title says, i'm here to help anyone who has 32-bit windows 7. PC's with 32-bit can't change the video settings for BF4, but I recently found out by myself how to unlock them without upgrading. This is very simple and virus free. Steps : 1. Install the newest version of NVIDIA GeForce Experience 2. When the install is done, load up your library ( it says Games on it ) 3. Pick Battlefield 4 4. Press '' Optimize '' 5. Done When it's done, it should be like this picture. This is too easy, but if it happens that you accidently blow up your PC, just leave a message about it down on the comment section Cheers
  9. Not my best, but only good one that I had taken a screenshot of
  10. Main role - Support Main champion - Taric & Thresh ( & sometimes Lux or Leona )
  11. Thanks man ! See you there, soldier
  12. We wish, never is Thanks
  13. Hey Svabbie This is indeed one of the best communities on the internet, and thanks Ave !
  14. Thanks, nakama