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  1. Dont worry, they wont shut us down
  2. Working on Galaxy in Turmoil is really fun I have to say, its unlikely that the ban hammer will come down on us as we took measures to prevent that. We are working legally and can defend ourselfs in court if we have to.
  3. You do know that the US invaded more countries with full force than Russia? and that Russia took back Crimea without firing a shot?
  4. Russia took back Crimea.. because Ukarine dident give it back when the USSR collapsed.
  5. He can review Alien Isolation
  6. Yeah, I talked to him on Steam a few days ago. He dident get a better mic he was just exicted fro something to happen that day. Dont exacly remember what.
  7. I dont like the blue addon they made. I like the gery and white look better.
  8. Thats a good point, but I animated since I was 11 and yeah it took me 5 days to make a 2.5 minute video so I know how hard it is to animate
  9. Greetings AJSA! I have been planning to have a YouTube entertainment channel for almost 4 years now. I sorta found myself in good positions of creating stopmotion movies. My plan is to kick of my channel with a stopmotion movie on Halo Mega Blocks series. A 40min-50min stopmotion movie on Halo and animated with Halo Mega Blocks. I already have all equipemt and wrote the story. Incase you are wondering what I am naming my Halo Mega Blocks stopmotion, I was thinking of "Halo: The Unexpected Assault". I have seen many people do those but most of them are short 5-10 animation videos without really charecter development or anything. However, this is where I need help, I need to come up with a YouTube name! Please can anyone post any ideas of what name I should use. I will read all of the suggestions!
  10. Greetings Angry Army! I have been watching "SocioPsycho" for around 3 months now, he creates very descriptive and informative videogame MOB revivews with good quality that are actuly fairly entertaining to watch. However by the time I have made this post he only has 120 subscribers which is pretty heartbreaking to see people pass on his abilities. As a sample take a look at one of his reviews below! His YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SocioPyscho
  11. He sounds like that because he berly makes enough money to even feed himself each month.
  12. Moving topic to Community Content. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/23254-very-overlooked-videogame-mob-reviewer/