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  1. until

    yaaaaaa boooooooooooiiiiiiiii!
  2. Just sent a request for Angry Army Delta.
  3. Great move by Sony, although not altogether unexpected since Kojima and Sony have had a long fruitful history together. I'm sure they were in talks long before Dec 15th.
  4. Youre in luck! Tonight we have an AJSA GTA:O event. They happen every Tuesday night, around 6:30pm EST. PM Slade Bogaty or AScapeRunePlaya on XBL for an invitation! There's always more than enough of us playing to get some solid game time going. However, I just noticed youre playing on PC and this its an Xbox One Event... *rusty trombone*
  5. I had no issues with matchmaking on X1. However, it was at 4am EST. Maybe the servers weren't getting hammered. Either way, very impressed.
  6. I think we cant take screens or videos, streaming is also prohibited. I'll have to double check. UPDATE: As per the invitation email: I agree that its pretty vague.
  7. Sorry, I hadn't had the chance to create one until early this morning. Played a bit, up to level 3 I believe. Very familiar to the older games so far.
  8. ESO noob for an invite. GT: Sn0rchblapp
  9. Hey all, Ive been eyeing the game for a while now and with Black Friday's sale I couldnt resist. So I finally bought into the game (Imperial Premium 50% off!) and cant wait for the download to finish. With that said, Im going in blind. I have played past Elder Scrolls games and have spent a lot of time in Tamriel, however I just havent had the time to really look into this online iteration before and am hoping that past knowledge will suffice. I'm looking forward to hoping online with you all and having fun crushing foes under my toes. I've started pouring over some info online, and am left wondering if there are any roles that need filling within the guild (do we need tanks/healers/etc)? Otherwise Ive been eyeing either a Dunmer Dragonknight or an Argonian Nightblade. Please give me some feedback. Have a good day!
  10. Finally got into a GTA Online event! Thanks all, had a blast! Sorry I had to bail so quickly.
  11. As per the sticky up top (http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/28144-the-official-ajsa-gta-5-crew-for-pc-and-all-consoles/), you can find the official AJSA GTA Crew here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/angrygrandtheftarmy
  12. Joined a few days ago, looking for peeps to trust on Xbox One! P.S. Ive only recently started playing, so I dont know a whole lot. Patience please.
  13. Hey All, I happened onto the AJS by happy accident recently when I fell upon Angry Joe's review of Destiny after a quick and bitter end with the game. I guess I was just looking to see if I was the only one seeing the problems with the game since my online buddies seem so badly addicted to it. Moving along, Ive been lurking for a few weeks now. Been catching up on past reviews and critiques, checked out a few Twitch streams (shout out to Faizyr and GreenSam17, great channels!) and decided to just jump on in head first. It seems like I have a lot of the same ideals and hopes for what gaming *should* be. I dont have a lot of game time, however I have just started to play GTA:O (Xbox One, already joined the crew) and am looking for more interactions with people I could come to trust. It's dangerous out there! So, Hey all! Sorry for the verbiage.