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  1. Added LordKesharq, hopefully that's you
  2. It's on EUW and Elekttronas (with 2 t's instead of 1) I could invite you if you want instead of me, it gets confusing
  3. erm if it isn't too late sure
  4. Eh, it's alright. I'm kinda not that active in these forums either (gonna try changing that, i always forget). Good luck on the event!
  5. I can join in on this, but it'd be nice to know the date on when this will happen.
  6. Ech sorry for the late reply, i don't log in to these forums every day. Right now what i want is pure experience. Playing with people who already are experienced is my best bet but i guess i'm too late. Oh well, good luck on the tournament!
  7. id gladly join but im not lvl 30 yet
  8. Yeah i play on EUW, I'll add you when i wake up. My nick is Elektronas1 i think (yes, i love my nick so much, i'll never let go of it)
  9. Alrighty, thanks for the advice! i'm level 18 for now so i guess i'll check out the guides to what runes to get when i get to level 25. I really like assassin's and ADCs, so if you can give me any advice on how to play them better i'd appreciate it. I'm pretty noob at this game, it's rather hard to get used to the last hitting and recently i seem to be always losing the lane cause i have no idea what the enemy champ's spells are.
  10. After getting bored of dota these past few months i've been playing lol and i find it pretty enjoyable (a lot more than i am enjoying dota atm). And everything that was said about Dota here is very much true, people absolutely must have a sacrificial lamb if they lose a game, most of the time it's the guy with the most deaths. I really need to get to lvl 30 and get to play ranked, but my friend who plays league says i'd better collect ip for runes (((, i just want to stomp as fizz.
  11. Not sure if i already said that, but i'll try to help you guys in any way i can (my PC is too crappy to be able to stream at an acceptable fps/resolution + i'm not good with OBS or any other streaming software), just pm me on Steam. The 1v1 tournament is a nice little idea, we had one before, didn't we? Maybe more people will be interested since it's not required to have a team which is what most of us lone wolves need.
  12. The true highlights of my replays are overshadowed by some dumb solo kills i got.
  14. I'm just gonna point out that imo Oracle is gonna be broken as fuck. Let him ult ally hard carry = rapefest. Also low cd nuke. Only thing that stops this guy from being the ultimate support is his mana.
  15. Imo the in-house community rage comes from the difference of dota experience. The less experienced ones tend to make a lot more mistakes (i've been proved wrong about that one tho), and it makes the more experienced ones angry n stuff. so ye you could also make in-houses for the <600 games people and >600 games people, so that should lower the rage. Still the fact that this is a MOBA and everyone rages in here because they play to win for some reason is true and nobody can change that. Also i think using a mic in an inhouse is pretty important if you want to have more fun. Feels more... alive. I don't really have any ideas (ones that aren't stupid) to help you with this, but if there's anything i can help you with then i'm here.