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    Video games, art, bowling , skiing, tcg, anime, comedy, and awesomeness

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  1. PSN: Vamp165 Playing: Red Dead 2, uncharted 4, The Last of Us mostly.
  2. Vamp165 is my summoner. I will love to get some AJSA League playing!
  3. Hey guys! I am heading to PAX Prime this year! I am so excited! I was seeing if any others of the AJSA will be there as well. Hope to meet many awesome people. Hoping to run in to Joe as well. Joe you the man!
  4. Hey guys. I am looking for some people to play some multiplayer with. Battlefield 4, Halo Mc collection, COD advanced warfare, Dragon Age, Diablo 3 are some of the games I got. Gamertag Vamp165. Hit me up if you want to play.l
  5. vamp165 is my summoner name.
  6. I would love to join. I love top, mid, and ADC. Can do every role though.
  7. I need a team guys. I am a great player, but never can get a team. Message me. Vamp165 on league too.
  8. Hey thanks guys. i added you guys if you want to play let me know.
  9. Vamp165 is my league name. Lvl 30. loooove playing LOL!! but need more partners!
  10. Hey guys, I am Vamp165. I am a huge gamer and follower of Joe for a long time. Just getting into the Angry Army though. I really want to get involved in a great gaming community and this seemed like the best choice. Joe is an awesome dude, and I know playing directly with him will be rare if it will ever happen, but not a huge deal that is understandable. Just want to have a group of great people to play and discuss games with. I just upgraded the crap out of my PC, and looking forward to playing multiplayer games with you guys. I am a huge League of Legends player. I play it all the time. Have a lot of other games as well. Anyways looking forward to playing with you guys. Drop me a message or a request if you guys want to play. Thanks
  11. Totally agree. Love the game!