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  1. Thank you guys for all your helpful replies! I was really hoping to get a more, competitive grouping experience from the elder scrolls online, but for some whatever reason..it seems the game puishes you for playing with friends, I mean, that doesn't make any sense. I will eventually buy the game I think, but in the meantime I'll use my "funds" to get a different game.
  2. So I was thinking of purchasing the game, and was wandering how the game is today, since joe's review, obviously the game has changed by now, but is it good? I heard many good things about the new tamriel unlimited, but is it true?
  3. "How 'into' your RPG's do you get? What's so appealing about RPG's?" The RPG experience entirely depends on what type of RPG game you play, so for you in order to enjoy an RPG game, you'll first have to ask yourself, what's the main thing you really like about a game? because there are plenty of RPGs, and it goes like this : story and gameplay. What do you like best in a game, and how would you like to immerse yourself into it? would you like to follow the story, or is the gameplay really addictive? RPGs can have good stories, and a fun and addicting gameplay, or it can be vice versa or even mixed. To me, it's more about the story, let's take for example the Dragon age series, were you have the liberty to costumize your character however you like, and choose different background stories (what is the place your character came from), and from then on, you write your story yourself. There are plenty RPG type games, that let's you make your character, and then follow his story, or make the story yourself, and see how your character evolves, and how it affects the universe around him (like SW: KOTOR) And there are also RPGs that aren't as focused on your character, but more about exploring the universe and the lore, see the story of other characters, which makes the game, sort of like a book. Every rpg game is beautiful in its own way, you just have to pick the one that suits your gaming needs best.
  4. Limiting free accounts is actually a good thing, from certain point of views, there are a few disadvantages to that, but it keeps the game clear from unnecessary spammers. The game itself is soo big...it's better if you actually saw Joe's review of the game, but also note that the game has changed quite extensively since then. I'll just list these points: -The game is very well balanced. -Best crafing system I've ever seen, as well as gathering system. -Exploration is fun and rewarding. -New content added all the time. -You can actually level up from level 10 to 80 in under 5 minutes (but it requires you to have a lot of crafting materials) And there's a lot more stuff to be found, it can take hours to find and solve every puzzle on 1 map. There are also some bad things with the game, inevitably, but they are outshined by the good things. -You start with only 5 character slots (you can unlock more with gems) -Sometimes (especially on crowded servers) when you fight world bosses, there are soo many players in one place, depending on your computer, you'll have either, big lag, or low framerate.