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  1. Fifth Ultra SF4 character being announced soon at Final Round Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia. 3/14 - 3/16 on twitch
  2. Elder Srolls 4-5, Mass Effect 1-3, Dark Souls 2, Fallout 3 - NV, Fable 1-3, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Diablo 3, Kingdom Hearts 1-2, Paper Mario (N64-GameCube), a lot of Pokémon games, FF1 of the top of my head Puckoduck.
  3. thanks dude I appreciate it
  4. Hello there, I'm Dawn. I personally love angryjoe's presence in video gaming because he represents the small man or average joe if you will. That is a reason why I chose to join the AJSA (also because I just love video games). I play fighting games such as SF4, shooting games such as BF4, and various RPGs from DS to D3. I hope to play with some of you out there as this army grows and we conquer the battlefield. [i apologize for the acronyms I like to be quick ] Peace :<
  5. If you guys want i could post my own street fighter bible. All the SF4 information scattered on the internet collected and organized into one place on this site. Either in the form of links or very long text.
  6. *Update to Pros/Cons Pros + For a fighting game it is very easy to understand and implement the basics of the game. + Most popular fighting game making it the best starting point for the AJSA into the fighting game genre. + Has 3 different online game modes; use team battle for clan battles, tournament mode for tournaments lol, and an up to 8 players 1 on 1 lobby for creative purposes. + Has an extensive amount of coverage online and offline for the AJSA name to spread. + Libraries of tutorials, guides, and professional match footage available to improve the AJSA. + Is available on PC, Xbox 360, and PS4. + Consistent updates have lead to a very balanced version of the game compared to previous iterations. Cons - Capcom (annually seemingly) updates the game frequently with dlc, so you must purchase (not at full game price of course) newer versions to stay competitive e.g., USF4. - The SF4 series has been active for 5 years so experienced players will have a considerable headstart on newer players and new information on game/character capabilities is difficult to discover. - The game has a very deep combat system that makes it tedious to master. - It's offline major tournament scene is not as successful or rewarding as LoL or some popular shooters.