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  1. Thread necromancy is not really a nice thing to partake in, equal to heresy I would say.
  2. I'd reccomend warframe, it's fun, though it can be quite the grind at times.
  3. I mean there is no question, no logical rebuttal to this point. It is merely fact, as sure as the sun rises in the morning this will always be the greatest game machine on the planet. That's just how the world is.
  4. This is microsoft we are talking about here, so really I have no idea. It might, it would make sense that it would. Granted windows 7 losing support is more or less microsoft forcing you to buy windows 8, if you want updates and what windows 7 restricts you from. Time to learn linux! Amirite? Ah when all games being compatible with linux is a thing I'll be right.
  5. Nope, those dirty shameless money grubbers will get none of my money. It's too late for that, too late.
  6. *Tekken, blazblue and the other arc system works games. That Is what I play, fighstick broke recently, and damn its expensive to buy a new one.
  7. And let's not forget the old classic. Never ever EVER use the same password for "gaming" stuff and anything that is connected to your bank account or however you pay. And always keep a separate everything for bank accounts and similar Happy new year everyone.
  8. Welcome to the AJSA! I hope you have a great time here Make sure to check out our sub forums and TS, we have multiple supported games, and regulars who play them.
  9. I was about to say that everytime I had a similar problem it was always because windows detected that "dns server not responding". Not that I know what it means, but if you have thoroughly checked it and tried the "windows solution" then I don't know what to say sorry.
  10. Nice list. At least you wrote why you chose those, I don't have a top list to be honest. I guess the new touhou game would be on there, and maybe heartstone or something? Bleh I dunno. Path of exile? Don't think that was released this year... it's hard D: I hardly see the point in locking this though ;3 999 posts ftw!
  11. Eh... You can still play it you know, after its been removed from the store. You just can't buy it anymore. Yeah probably licensing issues, that's usually the reason this stuff happens >:
  12. Halo 4, ehm, I didn't hate it, but what a... dissapointment? Ehm.... I don't know how to say it.
  13. It's fine, like the japanese voices. I'm just excited for the game in general, not gonna let anyone's voices ruin that.