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Everything posted by Aragorn195

  1. CHAOS is speaking
  2. The last line is a Double Transposition cipher. Only need the 2 five letter keys to decode the cipher
  3. Nevermind, just saw someone already solved it *Facepalm*
  4. Is line 6 "Quick lock everything down, find out who that is"?
  5. Reading this Im seriously confused of what is going on. Stick, have you lost your mind and marbles?
  6. Clearly it means is rated EM. Everyone who is Mature
  7. Me and my brother are looking for a coop game to play. These are the requirements: RPG (Else I wouldnt have been here, Im smart) Storyline Open-world (Preferable, but not required) Medieval (Sword, bows, axes and such, not guns) NOT SIDESCROLLER OR TOPDOWN (I am aware that there are such games that fits the bill, but not what we're after) Thanks in advance for all help
  8. Oh God. And End Once and for All. Hits me right in the feels man. I played all three ME games back to back in a few weeks. Ive listened to that song several times. So many fallen heroes 7
  9. Oh btw, for the future, it would be nice with a spoiler warning. I could've seen from the title that it was a spoiler, but I didnt assume the spoiler would here and rather on the article that it was linked to. Just something to consider for the future
  10. Why is the article double? Like it repeats everything at the end
  11. When David Hayter says he havent played the last 2 iterations of MGS franchise, does he mean MGSV and MGSIV or MGSV and MGSGZ?
  12. And my, single, award
  13. Haha, who can blame her, Norway is best
  14. So if I want to play Rocket League with my brother and friends who have it on XBONE I need Windows 10? And after being forced upgraded to Windows 10, for then to downgrade back to Windows 8.1, God have mercy on my soul, and refusing to use Windows 10 I then... Im screwed then
  15. The guide and the version of GWX Control Panel I have isnt the same. There is no "Disable Operating System Upgrades in Windows Update" button and I dont know which button to press. Edit: I found the guide on the website Edit: I had to uninstall 2 updates. And I see now that I have 2 updates, one of them is one of the ones I uninstalled but the 2nd one is KB2976978. Does that have to do with Windows 10? Because Im not sure after googling it
  16. So... I have Windows 8.1, may God have mercy on me, and I upgraded as soon as I could to Windows 10. Well I got some issues with my C drive (It would lose space over time as the PC was running and after a restart it would empty and start over) ended up with me reformating to Windows 8.1 again. However I did NOT upgrade to Windows 10 again, I was hearing people were having issues and I needed my PC for school stuff. So I go along with Windows 8.1. Until 9th of March 2016, this Wednesday when, during the last hour of the day while I was playing Medieval II Total War, my PC restartet and began the upgrade to Windows 10. As you might imagine, I was qquite shocked, followed by anger. I mean, seriously I got angry, I was talking castrating of Microsoft, which I startet calling Company Named after Bill Gates Dick. I am aware that Bill Gates dont have anything to do with Windows and Microsoft anymore. Its been pointed out to me already. Anyway, on Thursday I startet the backuping of files that was important and told it to revert back to Windows 8.1, luckely I didnt need the backups. Of course the 2nd I was logged in it startet downloading Windows 10 and despite me pressing the stop download button nothing happened, it only reacted when it was gonna install it again. Now my Windows Update is set to notify me but dont download or install because Windows 10 is in the Important Updates part. That brings us to today when I was told I had important updates. There were 3, 1 being Windows 10. I unchecked Windows 10 and startet the installation. Then I was greeted by this screen http://imgur.com/a3NYhkd (Translation in the description). I thought it ment that at the next reboot I would upgrade again. Well I rebooted my machine and Im still at Windows 8.1 thank God (Never thought I would say that). Now, this might not come as a suprise to you but I am quite pissed off now. I want to go to Company named after Bill Gates dick H! and castrate everyone. Should be an interesting court case. I also want to *Redacted because frankly whats being said is so bad that it makes Stalin look like a grumpy guy* /rant
  17. I did the recovery method after the auto install. Still tries to auto install
  18. Well I have not been there... You're speaking from experience which I do not have
  19. Post upgrade, and I havent had the issues after reformatting Oh come on, Im on Windows 8.1. Can you really blame me?
  20. Damn, Stardew seems to be the best game ever made from what Im seeing
  21. Wait what? But... Im in Norway :,( Why is that really? Do you know?
  22. The what the ADVENT are saying in XCOM 2 thing. Sounds totaly legit, I belive it
  23. Making a hack that is designed to get detected and getting you banned. Genius. I just stopped playing CS:GO because 1. Im bad and 2. I didnt have really much fun (Probably the being bad part). Other games I can play, see no reason to hack and ruin the fun for others.
  24. WOOOO! Norge Norge Norge Oh, and Cohh isnt working on Project Resurgence anymore, he havent been doing that for the past 2 years. He handed it over to the studio that he helped create Nectar Game Studios. He said so himself on his stream.
  25. We were all are played, like a damn fiddle... I hate myself for saying that