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Ozzy Ozborne

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    Video Games, Board games, A good book, mass destruction, Good friends.
  1. Okay ,Ladies and Gentlemen sorry about this but my schedule no longer allows me to organize and as you may have notice hasn't for about a month (or longer) .Point is I will leave this thread open in case people want to use it to find other people but I have failed you guys. I thought I would have much more time than I do but this should not reflect the AJSA .Thanks guys for understanding. -Ozzy I do have minuscule amount of free time left so if you want to play you can still me on here or Xbox ( 360 or One).
  2. Welcome fellow Texan to the AJSA.
  3. Okay , just putting everyone on notice The Xbox 360 AJSA Battlefield 4 team (Unofficial) until December 1st we will be running on skeleton crew or totally down for the Thanksgiving holidays i will endevor to keep you all updated but please be patient and understanding. Thank you and Theo you will be missed but are always welcome in this topic.
  4. Hey guys can we move this disscusion to a different thread or to a priviate conervsation. This is just asking for third partys to crash this topic and screw it up royally.
  5. Anyone who wants to play a game any game but with AJSA member is welcome to send me a message to see if i have it and we will if wanted find more people to play. And if anyone wants a consistent group of people to play BF4 with please visit this link to the only name in AJSA Xbox 360 Battlefield 4 Teams http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/1600-battlefield-4-xbox360-all-are-welcome/ thanks for playing and i hope we have some fun.
  6. Okay AJSA squadies if i could have everyones "Attention Please" Follow this like to sign up for Future events .http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/4274-xbox-360-angryfield-4-community-event-sign-up/ That said Waffle has stepped up and is helping run this cluster**** and TheoXne is a squad leader now more details to follow. Also i will be starting a new quote unquote casual thread for people that just want to play with AJSA members (That link to follow).
  7. All right .Everyone woh linked over you heard the man events are hosted here.
  8. Okay boys and girls. Anything you get from Luffwaffle is to be treated as if sent by me.
  9. As we have afew people shipping out soon and some who have already served I would like to say Thank You for your service. Both to those members of our squad and to all of our vets. Thank You.
  10. Waffle its perfectly fine. I'm not going to say its mandadory but it is a good idea and would help the squad (pardon my sappyness) feel closer.
  11. Indeed it was Nice to have a competent squad (even if we couldn't stay in a game for more than 20 minutes). Okay everyone we are always looking for more people so don't be afraid to ask.
  12. Okay ladies and gentlemen I'm so sorry it took me this long to get us up and started (RL issues) but I am now here and you all have my attention okay? I will send you all friend requests and seeing as we have had more thatn a 5 person responce we will see who works well together and get into squads. This test period should only last a day or two at the most and then we can really get started. Love each and every one of you. -Ozzy
  13. Hi Mcmanurc , your the first of what will surely be many people. Send me a message of when you want to play or post the times your usually online and we can get started on The AJSA take over of Battlefield 4.
  14. Yep we heard the call of a fellow Texan and came a-runnin.
  15. I support this suggestion and anyone that wants to play with fellow AJSA members check out my post in last gen.