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Omg Long Hair

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    Love Video Games And Music (Original I Know)

    I Have 2 Youtube Channels

    1.A Channel For Helping people learn Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and i dabble in other games.

    2.A lets play channel with me and my friends
    we are currently playing FFX2,Donkey Kong Country 2 and im still doing more for the channel

    we are open to suggestions for playthroughs
    so hit us up :)

    Lets Play - http://www.youtube.com/user/johnNWivanPlay

    UMVC3 Tutorials - http://www.youtube.com/user/Johnnycpublic
  1. so guys how has been this season so far? ive missed like 2 episodes so far but i think its ok so far lol
  2. saw it last night I agree with the NC review its worth the price of admission but its not fantastic
  3. happy bday but dont get a vita unless your into weeb things lol
  4. dont get me wrong i love the simpsons so much (have all the dvds and watched all the audio commentarys) probably my favorite show of all time but you cant deny the show has declined in quality drastically i personally think it started to get bad at like season 15 or so then just got unfuny as helll
  5. No more simpsons thank god http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/05/14/harry-shearer-is-no-longer-a-part-of-the-simpsons?+main+twitter
  6. its the evil satanic Illuminati government messing with steam to control you forever
  7. finally
  8. some people ask for it lol but bronies are generally are not too bad
  9. for a second i thought you meant getting into wrestling like wrestling yourself lol i was in when the ''attitude era'' was full swing so i might be biased but that to about 2006 was a great time for wrestling now its ok at best
  10. no ones buying that excuse lol spike isnt a cool looking dragon lol
  11. yeah i feel you im kinda ehh with the show i was never super nuts about the show but its losing steam
  12. Tags are your friend try to grab relevant things to your video it will get some people but you have to wow them to subscribe for example my fighting game tutorial channel,i put tags about popular FGC things and it gets some people and slowly the subs will come and then your views become more consistent
  13. thats why i cant listen to them
  14. how many time do people have to say it nintendo doesn't want to be in the console war and no iwata should not be fired
  15. just let you know they take 70 percent of your earnings for 3 years thats most MCNs i went with fullscreen but to be honest unless you have an established fan base,you wont be the next big thing by just joining machinima