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  1. And we still have several of those anyway. People just post it in different parts of the forum. Moderators lock it (I really wonder why there is no way to delete post), and it just fills the forums.
  2. I've just found hardware I want and got a guy buld it for me. It was cheaper than to buy one.
  3. Because general notion in AJSA leadership is... other people are useless because some people were d*cks and didn't do good. I think if it would be to people since rank veteran it would be the best. It makes sure those people are here for some time and know the rules. (Edit: I think the whole way the leadership works is "bad" some game officers are from US so talking with them is pain in the arse. Same for people in US for EU game officers, I think there should be three people/ per rank. North America, EU, Asia(+Australia)...) PS.: My opinion, don't get upset.
  4. It is Ubisoft, they lately release VERY good games. (AC4, South Park, Child of Light) and they have a lot of AAA titles coming. FC3 was really good, I enjoyed even AC3. Colonial Marines is different company.
  5. They didn't delay it because of porting or anything like that. But let me put something to play here : The Crew - Autumn 2014 Division - Summer 2014 (June I think it was) Watch Dogs - May 27 2014 Far Cry 4 - November 2014 ALL Ubisoft games, also South Park,Might & Magic X: Legacy, Child of Light are Ubisoft games. What I am trying to say, if something as BIG as Division would come before Far Cry 4 people would not buy both games. If it would be any close peopel would buy probably (like me) just one. If there is several months between them like Watch_Dogs and South Park people will buy both as they are AAA titles. I am not sure about the Crew, but Far Cry 4 and The Crew are very different titles. So racing fans will go for The Crew and FPS fans for Far Cry. Simple as that.
  6. I am so happy I did not bought the game. It was fun in Beta. But 80bucks on Origin... Well I guess I laugh at people who fell under the hype for this. To the topic, I think it should be illegal, Titanfall is MULTIPLAYER ONLY GAME. So it is taking part of the product away. It is like when you buy a car, few months passes, you like the car, and than someone comes and takes three of four seats because they were not used enough. Pathetic EA Source: https://twitter.com/Respawn/status/467193727505551360
  7. "Thank you for the 3 days to pirate this game from TPB." - Europe gamers.... As a European I feel I am beiing made fun of by these delays there is no reason for them. And MANY people pirate games like this. Good is America will "test" it, review it, in those 3 days at least TBs WTF is.. will come and I can buy it knowing if it sucks or not And say what ever you want. This game will be delayed at least 5 times. (Watch_Dogs... cough cough, Division etc... ) it is Ubi they like to promise something, but making it in time. Naaah. For moderators : I am not suggesting to pirate the game or that I do it. (I once got "verbal" warning when I just said something so I am beiing honest here.
  8. Welcome ! I hope you will enjoy playing with the AJSA. If you want I am in Space Engineers TS room so if you want to play I would love to build so penis ship... ehm...space ship :DDD
  9. Since when can we rent game ? O.o It's 80 bucks (60 euro) or nothing Edit: I guess you mean rent on a console. Sorry
  10. Well Angry Birds are copyrighted TradeMark, the game is owned by (some company). You can't just make re-skin it. Also, DeviantART baned you because of a reason, I have DeviantART account and everything is fine.
  11. Harry Potter 2 I played it back when I liked that piece of crap films, and it was really fun. The last good one was 5/6. When I saw Joes review of the last two games I was sad he did not played the previous. HP 2 had the freakin game they play I don't know they call it. You collected beans to get better brooms, world was open. In the 6th game (my favourite I guess) you could have mixed potions, you had wizard duels etc... If you mean just a NAME (it does not follow the story-line of a movie) than: LORD OF THE RINGS BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH 1 (that followed the movie) and TWO (that followed the books).
  12. No it is not. I bought games for less and they are 20 hours and more. There is no reason to play it again nothing. I got Dragon Age Origins for 30 dollars and I finished it 6-7 times. Also Space Engineers 20 dollars, Early Acces, 60+ hours on my Steam
  13. Don't buy it ! It is NOT in playable state. WAIT untill it is in playable state (like Space Engineers for example), you would play it and get bored of it and you would not touch it after the release trust me. Check out Humle Bundle Store, they have spring sale running pick some cheap game and don't waste your 100 bucks.
  14. Maybe you should check Joes review ?