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  1. In order for me to get a part time job I need to move. in order to move I need money. In order to get money I need to make it first. With a dying computer, a job I am barely holding onto, medical problems and no car? Seems like tough times.
  2. I guess. Although how do people get so many viewers? I heard someone started and got a lot of viewers in two weeks.
  3. I am using OBS 64bit. I have windows 7, 8gb ram, nvidia geforce gtx 680, intel core2 quad core cpu. Its gotten to the point I can no longer stream games using obs yet I have no choice since shadowplay is refusing to stream now. Yet shadowplay is the only software that doesn't lag my computer. I am streaming at low EVERYTHING. I had to turn down the graphics on all my games and stream at low bitrate and quality and still my fps drops to an averate of 8 to 15. I really need a new computer desperately but I can't afford it. One of the reasons I am streaming and youtubing is to try and make a little extra to at the very least afford a new computer. I could really use help with this, at the very least get this thing to work.
  4. I been having a lot of issues with OBS. Mainly that it stops recording for no reason or just records a black screen. Another issue is double echo recording and bad webcam audio. Do you know how I can fix this? It would help me out a lot.
  5. Not sure if this belongs on this section. I finished my daily grind in Armored Warfare and I got an incredible urge to play a horror game. I remembered I had Dreadout in my Steam Library for months now and I have decided to play it. I am going to be Streaming my FIRST Horror game in 30 minutes from the time of this post (5:30 PM EST) at 6 PM EST. This isnt my first horror game that I played but it will be the first one that I will Stream. Come watch me scream like a little baby. >_> twitch.tv/arkeeny. Follow me on twitter @TrueBlueArkeeny
  6. I am going to be continuing my daily grind in Armored Warfare to get my doubles in a few minutes. I would love opinions and advise on how to make my streams better. So far I have not been able to attract viewers but I am not giving up! I tend to rage a lot but at least I make fun of it. Watch and let me know. Oh, and I have to apologize for my abrupt cut in the stream. I had a call I had to take that involved personal information. http://www.twitch.tv/arkeeny/
  7. I would really love to be involved in this. I am trying to get my name out there and get help with my stream. Please let me know if you want to costream with me. I play just about anything (Except console games like Destiny, I don't have a ps4 or any way to stream console yet.)
  8. I need to know what is the best software to use to stream/record full screen games. I use Nvidia Shadowplay mostly but that lacks customization. I tried OBS and FFsplit but OBS randomly stops recording or records a black screen or stops recording my voice or webcam or all thee above. Its extremely unreliable. I heard its cause it can't record full screen reliably especially when you tab out but even when I don't tab out it still just screws up. I tried using camtasia and gamshow but they are trial streaming software and I cant afford that. And Xsplit just bogs down my system and I end up losing too much fps to effectively play. In the end Shadowplay is the only Streaming software that works for me. So i wanted to know if there are other software like Shadowplay that allows better customization. thanks.
  9. Please vote for me, Shadowdusk, on https://surveymonkey.com/r/AWComEN in the community choice survey in the "What I love about armored warfare" contest. My video is on my youtube channel.
  10. Hello, I am new to the site. My name is Arkeeny Shadowdusk, you can call me Ark or Arkeeny. (Not my real name but I am not telling the entire internet my real name.) I recently started Streaming games and uploading gaming videos to my new gaming channel on youtube. I been an advent gamer since I was in my mother's womb. In fact she had to get a nintendo controller glued to her stomach because I was gaming even before I was born! Oh, Nintendo... I miss the old final fantasy, ultima, dragon warrior (dragon quest), skate or die, faxanadu, and many more games. And don't get me started on super nintendo and sega! *CoughphantasystarCough* I play games like MechWarrior Online, World of Tanks, Armored Warfare, Games on Battle.net, Steam, and offline games as well. But who doesn't? On a serious note, I am really a new streamer and youtube gamer. I been doing this for over two weeks now and no luck finding viewers let alone followers. My twitch account is fairly new however, so I didn't expect to get noticed right away. And I am trying to be as entertaining as possible despite the living conditions I have (I have to keep my voice down most of the time.) Also my room mate is one of those wannabe gangstas who play gangsta rap all day so loud even God has to wear earplugs. So sometimes I can't Stream when I want to, and if I do it has to be with my microphone turned off or on Push to Talk. I hope to make some friends and get some help and advice from other streamers and players like you guys. Catch me on my twitter account @@TrueBlueArkeeny and Twitch.tv/Arkeeny. I don't have much activity yet but I am hopeful. =D Help me Get Started!