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  1. Umm Company of heroes 2. Company of heroes was one of my favourite RTS games ever and all the sequel ever managed to do was make me want to play the original again. Also Battle for Middle-earth 2, I loved the character creator but everything else was inferior to the 1st one in my point of view. And Force unleashed 2...
  2. I know its never going to happen since they made MMO's for both of them, but I want a sequel to Neverwinter Nights 2 and Knights of the Old Republic 2. Oh also a Star wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy sequel.
  3. I almost always play single-player. I play a few games which are strictly made for multiplayer like L4D and Counterstrike. I love games that provide an enriching experience that will never stop being fun, despite people no longer playing it, which is the problem with mainly multiplayer games.
  4. You have my deepest sympathies friend..
  5. I had to go for PS Vita, despite owning a few of the platforms, including a gaming PC, I appreciate its versatility and convenience.
  6. I forgot Kotor and deus ex. Hooray for kotor!
  7. Hello, I would like to know what games over 10 years old my fellow angry army members play and enjoy. Not sure if this topic has been done before, sorry if it has. I sometimes play Jedi knight 2 and Jedi academy, and good old Dungeon Keeper 2.
  8. Killzone mercenary, Spelunky and the walking dead (telltale)
  9. I have old snake (MGS4) and solid snake (MGS2) models. Probably a bunch of other stuff, but this answer is formed from a scan around my room, oh and also a persona 4 poster, yay!
  10. I've used reviews to inform my gaming purchases for as long as I can remember. I laugh at those who impulse buy games they know nothing about.
  11. In the UK, it is £30 for all generations of the game, at least where I saw it this is terrible. Wouldn't have bought it anyway, but still.
  12. Done, hope your school thing goes well. Also it can be scary tolling up how many hows I play games for, luckily I have been very busy this week, so it's pretty low.
  13. Roll credits please...
  14. Infamous 2, I played the evil side on 2nd play through. The end of the game when you face off against Zeke, and have to kill him. Damn near broke my heart, but I will settle for it stopping.