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Everything posted by xKaros

  1. PSN IDs: xKaros (US) (Main), xKarrosu (JP) (Alt) Games: Dying Light, Destiny (If you need help with anything, except trials, I can help), Bloodborne, ESO, Battlefield 1, Planetside 2, Warframe, The Division, PSO2 JP verson (I don't understand Japanese but I don't care, I want to play it. I don't have a pc that can comfortably handle it, If I did, I would get the pso2 tweaker and play it). Games looking forward to: Destiny Sequel, PSO2 (If it ever comes to the west... sigh.. It won't), Black Desert Online (If it is actually possible for it to come to consoles and its announced), Kingdom Hearts (I haven't play these in a long, since my ps2 era), Mass Effect: Andromeda (Please be quarians in there), Star Wars Battlefront Sequel (Needs major improvement over the first one). Consoles: PS4 only but I want to get a vita and a pc.
  2. ^^ this I had to grind for months at the start of Destiny till half way through House of Wolves DLC for my gjallarhorn, while my friend had already got 18+ to drop. So all I have to say is pray to RNGesus and better pray hard to get the stuff you want.
  3. Source: http://kotaku.com/sources-sony-is-working-on-a-ps4-5-1765723053
  4. As far as I know, the destiny ps4 clan is dead here.
  5. anything before The Taken King dlc is useless and everything after can be used in Rise of Iron. also, if you had TTK on PS3 or X360 you could buy the Collection at a discount for $40 when you upgrade with your respective consoles (PS3 > PS4 or X360 > XBONE)
  6. I believe it is coming to PS4 on July 19 and it's going to be completely free, meaning you don't need a PS+ to play. I don't know how much pay 2 win it is. It will have all the content xbox and PC have right now. My question is anyone going to play this? Or just skip this entirely?
  7. at its core, its a FPS game with some MMO elements.
  8. So... anyone want to play this decade old game? My want to play phantasy star has went over controllable means. so I decided to see if any private servers are still up and there are some still up but not as much people play as they once did. I was wandering if anyone wants to come and play. https://ephinea.pioneer2.net/ , Ephinea is the server I play on. if people come, I can make a Team (Team = Guild/Clan) so we can all come together and play, even maybe conquer the server.
  9. It depends on what your doing but if your not far from the recommend light level then you should be fine. I'll say its your gear is what you should worry about not your light level.
  10. Ok. Now we need to set a time to meet at the same area and form a party to create the guild. If you want, you can add me. PSN is xKaros.
  11. As far as I know, we have: 1. xKaros 2. BleedingChaos23 3. mmonjaras 4. Insane_Warrior0 5. ??? We need one more to get the guild set up and running
  12. Let me know when everyone is ready to get together and start the guild. Also, I don't know how the guild's name is going to be handled. Is it going to be official AJSA name or unofficial name? If its the latter, then my ideal is to name it "Legends Of The Dragoons", something along those lines, if we can all agree on it.
  13. I'll do it but if I'm terrible at being the guild leader then I would resign and someone else can take my place
  14. In order for me to create the guild, I need to have a group 5 players total and all the players in the group have to be level 15 or higher.
  15. I'll set up and manage the guild if nobody steps up to the plate
  16. But in all seriousness, I would say something in the line of Sword Art Online/Gun Gale Online or a very in-depth and extensive science fantasy MMORPGFPS
  17. You will still gain exp even after you hit the level cap. At level 40 you will still have a exp bar, when it reaches 100% it will reset back to 0 to reach 100% again and you'll get motes of light each time gets to 100%. Motes of light can be used to level your weapons and armors faster. Your level just determines what you can equip while your light level determines your strength. So at level 40 you should be able to have all three subclasses fully completed.
  18. Leaked Rise of Iron trailer I have a feeling the "Pre-order bonus" for Rise of Iron is similar to Call of Duty's preorder bonus to the fact that activision is remastering the good parts of the game and selling it as preorder exclusive.
  19. There are many speculations/questions about the image, is that weapon an Axe or a Hammer, is Lord Shaladin or Segoth or some other Iron lord standing in that picture, are we going to somehow travel back in time to the point where the iron banner was first created or will there be a new iron banner with newer guardians to defend against the darkness. For the first time ever animals are seen in destiny, are they the pets of the iron lord or are they going to be a new companion for guardians. It is confirmed by kotaku's sources that there is going to be a raid in this dlc that will feature Fallen but with a twist. http://kotaku.com/leaked-poster-reveals-destinys-next-expansion-rise-of-1777705438 During Destiny's Development, There was once a battle within bungie on which their new game would be pure fantasy or sci-fi like halo. Ultimately, they settled on mixing fantasy and sci-fi together
  20. Get early public beta as well as other stuff by signing up on battlefield insider https://www.battlefield.com/community/insider
  21. https://youtu.be/M7fkViCihRA
  22. I have a feeling that running Neo mode would have a advantage over the normal PS4 in FPS games like Battlefield or any other competitive game.
  23. Waiting Bliss by Cameron Grey http://parablevisions.com/gallery/