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  1. Been thinking about starting a New run lately, With the New DLC and all. Has anyone played it? How was it? Great game by the way, but I'm pretty sure it gave me some sort of PTSD, just thinking about those late game dungeons makes me shiver!
  2. I still have my last gen console because the games are super cheap now and I still have a lot to catch up on. I never got around to playing Killzone 3, the resistance games, and hidden gems like Heavenly Sword and Wet, and I still need my ps3 to play them!
  3. Finally got a PC that's able to run games made after 2005! This means that I am ready for some MMORP epicness, and Archeage seems like the kind of game that would provide me with the aforementioned epicness! I am completely new to this game though, and I would gladly like to get some hints, tips, and advice to help me get started! What should I do? How should I earn money? What kind of quests/tasks are good to start with? How should I spend money? You know, just basic things to set me on the proper path! Thanks for any help in advance!
  4. Hello, everyone! This time I seem to have some trouble with my ethernet port. Up until last night, I have been able to access the internet through my ethernet cable as soon as the computer boots. Just log in and just like that, I am connected. However, lately I have been having an issue where the computer needs 50-60 seconds to verfy and recognize the connection before I can access the internet. After that everything runs smoothly, but the long wait on startup is really annoying. What could be wrong and what should I do to remedy this problem? My specs: GPU: XFX R7 260x CPU: AMD A8 6600k Motherboard: Gigabyte FM2+ GA-F2A78m-D3H PSU: Cooler Master B500 500W RAM: Hyperx Fury 8gb DDR3 Kingston 120gb SSD Just to make sure that the cable was OK, I tried connecting it to my laptop and gained internet acces instantly, so the cable is not the issue. Lastly, my drivers are updated to the newest version.
  5. Haha, I'll keep that in mind mate, thank you
  6. Just ran an MSI test while playing Batman Arkham City, optimized for performance. Both my GPU clock and mem clock ran as high as the stock settings would allow. No jumping up and down. Is it possible that I am complaining over a problem that is not the fault of anything, just the sum of my computer parts? :S Anyway, updating to W7 Service Pack 1 seems to have helped the problem. It also allowed me to run a memtest, which my PC passed.
  7. Oh dear lord, I did not have all the updates, how could I forget >_< Now, about SSD firmware, I did not know that was a thing, but I will take a look at that. Thanks! UPDATE: There were no updates available, seems like I already had the newest firmware, so I got that going for me, which is nice
  8. Allright, I'll finish up my schoolwork and test some games with afterburner running. Thanks a lot man, i recently joined the glorious PC master race and I am quite new at this, so I appreciate all the help!
  9. Allright, got afterburner installed. One quick question before i proceed, is it normal for the mem clock to fluxuate? Mine keeps fluxuating from 150mhz blank to 1250mhz blank. Temperature rests at 25-30 degrees celsius.
  10. Tested some more games, I again think there is something wrong since almost every 3d game i play has this issue. Could it possibly be faulty hardware? From what i understand, I would have bigger problems than textures popping in if that was the case, but then again I don't know for sure. I am also currently using a TV as a monitor, could that be a factor?
  11. I have a card with 2gb of Vram, And i have tried lowering the resolution and settings, did not help unfortunately. However, i tested some more games and found out that ofFireandstone is probably right, its the games themselves Thanks for the help, guys!
  12. So, we recently got a new computer in the house! It seemed to be running games fine at first, but after some time i started noticing that all textures that weren't right in my characters face would "pop in" as I explored the games i was playing. This is a problem in Fallout 3, Brutal Legend, and Goat Simulator of all things. I have also noticed it a bi in CS:GO but not as frequent. So my question is: what could cause this problem and how do i fix it? Specs: GPU: XFX R7 260x CPU: AMD A8 6600k Motherboard: Gigabyte FM2+ GA-F2A78m-D3H PSU: Cooler Master B500 500W RAM: Hyperx Fury 8gb DDR3 Kingston 120gb SSD All drivers are up to date
  13. Not sure if I can fit it in my budget at this moment, but after reading this post I'll definately prioritize getting my hands on one as soon as possible. It is kind of boring having to wait 3 minutes everytime I boot the computer up.
  14. I think that's great! After looking around for a bit, I found out that the motherboard you suggested actually is cheaper. Only problem is that i have to order it from a different store than the other parts, but that is merely an issue of wait time. I think I'll follow your build since it fits so well with the amount of money I want to spend and has all the components! Thank you! PS: I have everything available except for the computer itself, so no need to factor in any mice or keyboards.
  15. Yeah, I decided to rule out the SSD because of the price. Maybe I'll get one further down the line.