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Mr the evil mage

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    Charles Sexaviour
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    mr evil mage

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    DC comics, Games, DOTA, TF2, Civilisation, GTA, Battlefield, gotham city imposters, Heroclix, Manga and Anime
  1. Emphase has priorities
  2. I am also up for this as I believe this can be achieved and can be very fun....so if anyone wishes to help I would recommend that you do as Emphase is a pretty swell guy.
  3. never finished Penumbra Requiem I got really confused on one piece, cannot even remember what it was I was stuck on now but I gave up on that and I gave up on far cry 3, the story dragged on for too long and I gave up, GTA IV for obvious reasons and fall of cybertron, partly because I lost interests and also due to the fact that I had other games waiting for me at the time.
  4. I have a copy of emerald, I still love playing now even though I have had it for a while. But I think cause its so expensive is because of its limited amount due to the fact that they are no longer produced. Making them a commodity video game wise.
  5. I really loved the DAH series I had the first 2 on PS2 and thought they were great....The thing about for me was the destruction you could case....I always have a thing for destroyable environments in games
  6. TF2 is fairly easy to learn although Man V Machine may be different depending how experienced people are at it
  7. Fable 2, sword of the stars "the pit" and I know its an MMO as well but its also still an RPG so I'm also gonna say WOW too
  8. probably DOTA and the bioshock series I could play them all the time and not get bored
  9. probably justice league they have better heroes in my opinion...not say that the avengers don't its just that justice league are more OP
  10. I will be perfectly honest I think Final Fantasy needs to die....I've never liked those games :L
  11. I love civ V but I must get the DLC it annoys me when I put money on my steam because I always end up buying something else D:
  12. I would love to see an ASJA server...it would give me a reason to play TF2 again
  13. oh my mistake :L
  14. >removed due to hypodermic needles in my eyes<
  15. public crew sounds better cause then everybody can join otherwise it just seems like a privilege club of some kind