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  1. ingame username : BubbleGumMan server : WEU rank : silver wins : 86 Preferred lanes: mainly mid but can top sometimes. Main champions : Katarina & Ziggs. I want people who just want to play & have fun & dont tear someones head off for a KS.
  2. username : BubbleGumMan Server : WEU Silver rank Level 23 86 wins Add me & PM me if you want to make a team
  3. ingame name BubbleGumMan add me WEU server.
  4. Looking for a team i am a mediocre player sometimes good sometimes bad just want to team up & play together & train together with others, play every evening from 7 London/Berlin time frame. Im on the EU Nordic east server add me to skype name dynamiz & to LOL name infernal0988. And see if we can`t learn from each other without angry rants etc... Then see if we can`t join a AJSA tournament. level 22 Im silver with 82 wins My preferred lane is MID but can top if needed.
  5. I have to say Counter strike 1,6 is not only the best FPS but also the best version of counterstrike. It takes me back to when you had to drag your computer to a lan party to play with your friends & had fun gaming for DAYS on end, with small competitions & all of those lovely goodies that came with actually being in the same room as the people you were playing with !
  6. Even now people are getting to good TO FAST ! Its insane how fast they players are getting better & you bet your ass alot of em are already hacking the game to freakin pieces !
  7. be it Ghost , MW2 or BO what ever is your favorite lets get together & play some COD people! Talk about latest COD news your games your soldier builds , weapons what ever !
  8. By the way my headset is broken will be getting a new headset pretty soon but just add me to STEAM ! My steam name is the same as my username on here infernal0988
  9. Hi new here aswell ! lets make our army great !
  10. Hi from Norway im new here & i look forward to talking with you guys im a fairly average gamer not good not not bad sometimes HORRIBLE Hehe. Anyway i look very much forward to playing some games & talking about games ! Cause thats what we are here for right ? !